Fights ensued between supporters and opponents of United States President Donald Trump as a "Jews For Trump" motorcade of hundreds of cars wrapped with American flags and Trump 2020 banners moved gradually through Brooklyn and Manhattan over the weekend.

President Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner appealed on Monday to the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to censure attacks on Trump's Jewish followers.

Jews for Trump Car Parade 

According to Kushner, "I really hope that Joe Biden, his campaign, will come out and condemn these anti-Semitic actions that were taken against Trump supporters and be respectful again," reported ABC News.

Ohio has been long regarded as a must-win state to win over the highest office in the land. The key battleground state has foreseen the identity of the presidential election's winner in each cycle since 1964, reported The Jerusalem Post.

The demonstration was organized as a part-pre-election rally for the incumbent president and part-protest against COVID-19 guidelines in a couple of heavily Jewish areas of New York where spiking rates have been registered.

The caravan rolled from Coney Island to Manhattan's Trump Tower prior to going to a Brooklyn park rally.

Seven people were taken into custody after the squabbles ensued.

A Trump follower wearing a red hoodie jumped out of his ride following a counter-protester allegedly taunting the man's daughter accompanying him. Fists began flying and led to more fights.

Some individuals had bloodied faces as a result and one person had to be transferred on a stretcher.

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Nine days away from the election, the pro-Trump caravan was initiated peacefully in Brooklyn. Trucks and cars draped with Trump 2020 signs were witnessed driving down Ocean Parkway. The event turned a 180 when the caravan reached Times Square.

The arrested people were charged ranging from assault to malignant conduct and harassment.

Police officials are probing into many incidents of rocks being thrown at the caravan. This includes those thrown on Prospect Expressway where individuals were caught on camera instigated throwing rocks from an overpass.

Footage posted on Twitter displayed numerous demonstrators pelting the vehicles with eggs or stones, yelling insults, and grabbing flags.

In a video displaying the physical fights between many people, the police detained an unidentified man with protestors persuading them to let him go.

At least one car was thrown red paint all over.

People who were taken into custody were a mix of men and women, according to the New York City Police Department spokesperson. The report indicated that everyone arrested in the skirmishes has been released except for one individual who threw eggs at two policemen.

In footage posted on Twitter, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, now Trump's personal attorney, was in the passenger seat of a car with the windows down while demonstrators went up to his vehicle to yell expletives.

According to Giuliani, "Look at all the animals here. They can only say two words: 'F-you. F-you.' Must be a breakdown in education. Extremely inarticulate young people," reported The Hill.

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