Hunter Biden allegedly has a second laptop, which has more incriminating information and is now in the hands of law enforcement. This allegation was made by a Ukrainian lawyer Andrii Derkach.  

As if the information found on his first hard drive, which hinted at Hunter Biden's father's involvement, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, was not enough, the second laptop allegedly has more incriminating information.   

According to Rudy Giuliani, Ukrainian lawyer Andrii Derkach, who was earlier alleged as an active Russian agent, said that foreign powers were after Joe Biden. But he disproved it.

The November 3 presidential election is getting near, and the information gleaned from the first hard drive is haunting Joe Biden's campaign. References to Hunter Biden and explosive emails about Ukraine is hurting the Dems as well. 

Derkach was the point man when Giuliani dug up issues that were incriminating to the Bidens, reported Meaww.

A claim surfaced that the second laptop has more dirt on it. And, more corruption allegations against the Bidens were noted in the Daily Beast.

Guiliani has dismissed allegations that the issues he is bringing up against the Bidens are part of foreign interference in the U.S. presidential election. 

Derkach is considered as an active Russian operative by the treasury department. According to the treasury department, the Office of Foreign Assets Control is pinpointing four persons connected to Russia and trying to maneuver the U.S. elections. This department is indicating that Derkach for over 10-years is linked to Russian intel.

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The Daily Beast mentioned the foreign activity during the election is to divert attention from Hunter Biden. Contents of the laptop are implicating that the Bidens have foreign links. 

This issue has further put Joe Biden under the microscope before the elections.

 But, a second laptop will mean more emails and evidence against the Bidens. The first laptop has already caused enough controversy, and another will further complicate Joe Biden's presidential candidacy.

Derkach posted on social media concerning the New York Post report, counting on the emails copied from the hard drive by Trump allies to prove wrongdoings of the Bidens. 

These would be the links to the Bidens and Ukrainian gas company Burisma. 

The other laptop was allegedly used by the representatives of  Burisma Founder Mykola Zlochevsky, said the Beast.

Ukrainian law enforcement has the laptop

The accused Russian operative, Derkach, made a statement that Ukrainian law enforcement has the laptop with more evidence on it. More dirt that can mean serious implications for Joe Biden.

Derkach added that the representatives who used the laptop are now working with Ukrainian authorities too. Soon they will be witnesses in scheduled criminal proceedings. More explosive is that it can implicate Joe and Hunter Biden in the case against Burisma. Hunter Biden used to be a board member as well.

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