Ellen DeGeneres and Drew Barrymore are now both hosts in their respective daytime talk show, and rumor has it that the two had not gotten along since their feud in 2017.

Ellen DeGeneres' years of feuding with Drew Barrymore

According to the tabloid New Idea, Ellen and Drew were feuding due to their respective talk shows being aired at the same time on different channels.

The tabloid claimed that Drew is capitalizing on Ellen's recent controversies that had hurt the latter's career. Ellen was forced to delay her return to her daytime talk show, and even though "The Ellen Show" is back on air, she only hosted it for the first two weeks before she gave the floor to Tiffany Haddish and Twitch.

Ellen's bullying and harassment claims had "paved the way" for Drew to launch her own show. The contrast was highlighted when those who worked for Drew stated how delightful she was to work with, which was also a blow to Ellen's alleged attitude off-screen.

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The tabloid also claimed that Drew had made it clear early on that she and Ellen DeGeneres were different people and were not cut from the same cloth, talking about Ellen's behavior on set, according to In Touch Weekly.

However, the tabloid stated that the "ratings war" is not the only feud between the two A-list Hollywood stars. New Idea stated that there had been years of friction between the two, and it dates back to the show "First Dates," which was narrated by Drew and produced by DeGeneres. It was canceled after one season.

Apparently, the two fought over the creative direction of the show before the show met its untimely end. Sources said that Drew wanted more say on how the show goes since she was the face of it. But allegedly, Ellen was a control freak and wanted everything done her way.

A 2014 incident stated that Ellen referred to a then-pregnant Drew as "fat," but it blew over fairly quickly. Sources say Drew was cool about it and did not make a big deal out of it, but she understands the people who accused Ellen of being mean.

How did the shows do?

The feud between the two is nothing but talks from people who worked with them, as Ellen and Drew never talked about the incidents between them. But it is important to note that Drew had not visited the Ellen show for years since the alleged feud for the show "First Dates."

Last month, Ellen returned to her daytime show and immediately addressed the incidents that got her hammered by the public and the industry. 

Although her apology was not the smoothest one and may have seemed insincere, her show had not experienced any struggle.

It is also important to note that Ellen's workplace controversy had nothing to do with the launch of Drew's talk show. It has been in the works for months, even before the whole Ellen allegation blew up. 

It just so happened that the two talk shows are aired at the same time.

As for Drew's show, it is not getting the ratings that were expected during its premiere. 

There is no ratings war as Ellen's show is doing slightly better than Drew's show, which is understandable.

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