The new iPad Air is more extensive, faster, and more expensive than the model it replaces. Apple added a USB-C port and support for its second-generation Pencil stylus.

The iPad Air regularizes the idea of "pro iPad." It offers the Pad Pro key features to more consumers while simultaneously anticipating the iPad's future with hardware not featured on the current iPad Pro roster. The iPad Air sits at the collision of old iPad Pro features trickling down to other iPad line models.

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2020's iPad Air is a remarkable step forward from its immediate predecessor. The gap between the Air and Pro models is diminishing. If you are looking to buy a new tablet but do not require a Pro's productivity, the new iPad Air would be a keeper for years to come.

The new iPad Air measuring 10.9 inches is seeking a different market -- people hoping to get their work done immediately before they iPad-and-chill, reported Mint.

The much-needed reboot of the iPad Air features a stunning design and more power coming from the colorful aluminum body.

Push the power button, and it would act as a very fast way of unlocking the table. Suit yourself to an immaculate Liquid Retina touchscreen display suitable for a nightly Netflix binge-watch, internet shopping, clearing out your inbox, and quick game on Apple Arcade, reported Express.

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The 4th-generation model heralds big changes: its appearance is much like iPad Pro and supports Apple's stylish new accessories. The flat edges are not sharp, nor they are tiring to hold. The iPad appears to be reliable; it is good in the hand and is light for stretches of touchscreen sessions.

Features deviate more from the Pro as there is merely one camera that is 12MP wide, but there are more color selections.

This year's iPad Air features Apple's most recent chip -- the A14 Bionic. This also appears on the iPhone 12. A new version of Touch ID is also built into the power button. The iPad Air works with both the current generation Pencil and Magic Keyboard case. It makes use of the more flexible USB-C instead of Lightning for connectivity.

The noteworthy upgrade for those previously owning older iPads are the thick bezels and apparent home buttons.

According to Laptop Mag's Phillip Tracy, "Something about the Air gives off cool retro vibes. It could be the rounded machined aluminum corners, sculpted like an old Mercedes racing car, or that single prominent circular camera lens above a small mesh microphone," reported Macworld.

Whatever it is, the iPad Air's elegance helps to offset the industrial aesthetic," he added.

Respective colors ( green, sky blue, space gray, and silver) shine as light striking the backside at different angles displays a darker or brighter hue.

The Smart Connector is placed on the back for convenient pairing with accessories.

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