Spiritism has been integral from the first person who claimed ghosts are real, including every mention of it in all cultures. In modern time many will allege they do exist and spirits with the paranormal is a fact.

How sure is anyone that spirits are left as recordings or bonafide ghosts that interact like a real live person? Stop there. Be a skeptic and believer; see if the explanations suffice. Sometimes the most cryptic experiences like ghosts might be a simple and natural explanation.

Science is now suggesting a simple answer to those who want answers to things that go bump in the night. What causes it is our brains and how we sleep. This means that it's the sleep pattern creating these impressions. Sleep patterns vary for everyone, but it might be the source of ghostly phenomena, reported Express UK.

Get enough sleep, or the ghosts will come; by definition, the paranormal is nothing more than normal.

 According to Alice Gregory, Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths University, her studies indicate these impressions after the effects of sleep disruption. Chances are everything from ghouls to night terrors is a product of this condition. Or things that happen when anyone is asleep.

 One condition is sleep paralysis triggered when in really deep sleep, otherwise called Rapid Eye Movement or REM state. It is not uncommon for sleeping individuals to become paralyzed in this state. One of the functions is to lock you in place to avoid accidents, like sleepwalking.

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Data suggests that about 8% of individuals are still conscious in a deep REM state. One explanation for this is the REM dreams are lucid enough to misinterpret non-existent people and objects as real. For many, this happens when claiming to see a ghost half-awake. But nothing is there, just empty air.

In the Conversation, Prof Gregor explains that when sleeping, the reticular formation of the brainstem is linked to consciousness. It limits the sleeping person's movement and affects seeing and hearing too.

She points out bangs in our sleep state is caused by the simultaneous firing of auditory neurons. It should be a gradual shutdown that is normal. In our sleeping minds, something just went crash in the night. If this happens one too many times, it would seem like a ghostly clanging.

 70-year old Mrs. Sinclair

When interviewed, the older woman was convinced that a spooky ghost is in her house. At night a devilish imp had the habit of choking her and other things that go bump in the night.

All the going-on in the Sinclair home was given an explainable scientific reason why it was occurring. Now the paranormal is replaced by logic and reason.

It might be that claims of seeing ghosts, demons, or anything in the paranormal realm are because of problems associated with natural causes, not overtly dramatic paranormal reasons. Another is everyday anxiety that causing people to hallucinate what is not there.

 Anxiety is what causes ghosts to be seen. Are ghosts real at all?

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