The saga of the Watts Family and their deaths ended when Chris Watts got sentenced to killing his pregnant wife and girls. But, for some people, they claim that the house where they died has shadows and giggling voices. Does any of it hold true, or did the imagination just went rampant?

The Netflix documentary, American Murder: The Family Next Door, was supposed to be just another documentary showing all the details of the murder. He killed everyone for his co-worker, but there is a twist, a ghostly twist.

 Viewers alleged that the deceased never left. One proof they say is a ghostly image accidentally recorded. The convicted killer ended his wife's life in their home. He dug a grave for her at his work site. He was not done and suffocated his children to death, while Bella fought him before dying.

An affair in his office prompted his actions in 2018. In court, he pled on several counts of murder in the first degree on a plea deal. Spending several life sentences but no parole, reported Meaww.

 The murdered never left the house they died in

 The release of the documentary last September 30 is viral because of supernatural claims. One of the alleged proofs of the haunting is footage catching a ghostly wisp or movement. It happened while everyone was outside the room (unproven). But the officer's cam had captured the alleged image when Chris was getting interrogated why his family was gone.

 Most concluded there is a girl inside the house, one of his slain daughters. Still, an open mind is needed.

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One Arthur Cant said that he saw some in the documentary something called an apparition or ghost of a little girl, indicating that the image is a little girl and remarking later that strange things were seen at the 0:33 mark on the video.

 Moreover, the roll shows the convicted killer at home with several people, including a police officer. It was Shanann's mobile that was discovered shutoff in the house. According to the report, a child is seen playing in one of the rooms as it pans by the police bodycam, DE24News.

 One viewer thinks that he saw a child as indicated by Cant. Another asked if it was really a ghost, as claimed. 

Next, many were wondering if that was Bella or Celeste showing themselves from the grave. Other level-headed observers said that it might be the daughter of Nickole (one of the people in the house) who was someplace else (debunked?).

 Another remarked that neither of the convicted killer's daughters had long hair. So the ghost was neither of them. Some said that Nickole was checking on her young daughter. While her son held his sister's hand when they entered via the garage, cited RokzFast.

 Another YouTube viewer had this to add to the alleged ghost sighting. She watched one of the clips when K-9 dogs were scouring the home. It was captured during the 2018 investigation that captures more than they bargained for, but not added to the Netflix documentary. Go to the 10-second mark of the video, and a child's laugh is heard. One office claimed to have heard it.

 Objectively all claims are not proven if the pregnant wife and girls are really there. Or if ghosts do exist.

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