Ghislaine Maxwell lost an attempt to block the release of her seven-hour testimony on the sex abuse allegations against Jeffrey Epstein.

The 58-year-old British socialite is currently awaiting the trial of her 17-page human trafficking and sexual abuse indictment in July next year. However, Maxwell wanted old evidence from a defamation lawsuit to be kept out of her present case.

To stop the evidence from being used in court, Maxwell appealed to block the usage of her testimony and 2000 other legal documents, which according to her lawyers, may compromise Maxwell's ability to defend herself, Newsweek reported.

However, despite the persistence of her team, the court of appeals ruled against Maxwell. Thus, it allowed the past testimony of Epstein's ex-girlfriend to be used against her.

Moreover, a ruling by US District Judge Loretta Preska was also upheld by Manhattan's 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, stating that the objections from Maxwell's party were nothing but "meritless arguments."

Back in April and July of 2016, two parts of Maxwell's deposition were given after Virginia Giuffre, an Epstein accuser, sued Maxwell for Defamation.

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In 2017, the case was settled out of court. However, a copy of Maxwell's 418-page deposition was given to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In her appeal to block the release of said deposition, Maxwells, daughter of the deceased newspaper Tycoon in the UK, Robert Maxwell, stated that the documents have sensitive, intimate, and personal details, which may hinder her ability to defend herself in court, NPR reported.

It can be noted that Maxwell has repeatedly denied the allegations that she was an accomplice to Epstein's sex trafficking ring and denied that she trafficked girls to have sex with her former boyfriend in 1994 and 1997. Moreover, it was stated that Maxwells also pleaded not guilty to perjury charges related to the deposition in 2016.

It can also be recalled that the last time the court unsealed a large cache of court file was in July, and it resulted in a huge amount of new coverage.

According to Daily Mail, Epstein's accuser, Guiffre's own deposition was also included in the documents that were released in public. The said deposition contained Guiffre's allegations that former president Bill Clinton used to fly to Epstein's private island, and at one time, he flew in with two young girls.

Clinton immediately denied the allegations through his spokesperson Angel Ureña, who stated that he has never set foot on Little St. James Island.

When Guiffre was asked if she was on the islands with Clinton and Epstein, she stated that Maxwell and another girl, a 'regular' at the Epstein house, Emmy, were there, plus two more girls she was not able to identify.

Guiffre claims that Maxwell groomed her as a teenager and that she was trafficked worldwide to have sex with Epstein and with his rich, powerful friends.

Aside from Clinton, Guiffre also accused Prince Andrew of being made to have sex with her in New York, London, and the US Virgin Islands back in 2001.

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