Another pregnant woman is a victim of domestic violence who was stabbed and killed by her violent partner. The perpetrator killed the defenseless woman in from of her daughter.

Many women are victims of domestic violence like the case of Hellen Karine Carvalho da Silva, 29, who was slain by her partner. Previously, the accused has tried to kill her several times already. This time he did carry out his threat.

On the 16th of October, Silva was allegedly stabbed five times by her killer in her residence in Zacarias, in São Paulo, Brazil, in the early hours of the day, reported the Sun UK.

 Sources say that the fatal knife attack on the expecting woman was not the first attempt on her life. Her partner tried before. This time he intended to kill the defenseless woman, and her daughter witnessed it. She saw the killer stab her mom five times.

When the violent assailant killed the woman, she was three months with child. Attempts to save her by EMTS failed, as the wounds were unfortunately fatal, she was declared dead.

According to Hojemais, the doctors saw five knife wounds on the hapless victim who had no chance.

Her killer is identified as 28-year-old partner Marcelo Rodrigues, who cohabited with her. He did not own the residence where the victim died.

Eunice de Carvalho, the victim's aunt, confirmed the claim that the victim's six-year-old daughter witnessed the murder.

 Aside from that, the 11-year-old son of Helen ran outside the house when he saw his mother getting killed, according to RP10. He went to his grandad's house but no answer, but the victim's aunt was there at 1:30 am when he asked for help.

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The aunt went to the house to check on what the boy said. Hellen was in a pool of her blood. She had knife wounds on her torso. The police were called by an unknown caller and saw the victim, Região Noroeste. Immediately an ambulance came and brought the victim to Santa Casa de Buritama hospital. She did not survive her wounds.

Eunice revealed that the suspect tried to kill the victim several times already. She told the press that he strangled her twice. In the five-months, they were a couple, but it did not last long. Hellen got tired of his domestic abuse and told him to move out.

Because he found out she had his baby, they were a couple again.

Marcelo Rodrigues, the aunt said is on the run after the murder. She told the press he has a twin brother who might help him escape the law.

One way to tell them apart is to check a tattoo on his calf if he helps the suspect. The aunt added she wanted to leave him and stay with at her father's place. The aunt said the suspect killed her niece when she chooses to leave him.

 Hellen's killer has records of theft that included chickens and gas tanks. Even grand theft of the car that he crashed. Rodrigues is aggressive and takes drugs, too; the two children are not his.

Hellen Karine Carvalho da Silva, a pregnant woman, was stabbed and killed out of spite.

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