The convicted child killer and pedophile, Roy Whiting, 61, fear his life behind bars. Nearly getting killed, stabbed by inmates inside but still survives.

He still lives, an evil child murderer after last attacked and living in fear. Even prison is no refuge for his crimes.

According to the Sun, the convicted child killer is battered in prison after killing eight-year-old Sarah Payne. Prison inmates consider child killers and pedophiles the lowest of the low.

 Sources say that the convict got punched with his face kicked several times in the battering. Multiple stabs on his upper torso, using smuggled blades inside Wakefield prison, West Yorkshire. He is currently having hell in a cell, noted The Sun UK.

When knifed inside his cell in the delta wing, a nurse saved his life from multiple stab wounds on November 8, 2018. He entered respiratory arrest that needed a plastic tube so he could breathe.

The nurse said that if she did not intervene on time to save the man's life. Injuries inflicted were severe, and it was to kill him. Without the medics and the nurse's intervention, Whiting would have been killed, cited W24.

One prison guard had to pull off attackers all over the pedophile to stop the assault, or it would have left him dead. Whiting's crime is well-publicized, making him a target in prison.

The officer said that the inmates were knifing him like a pin cushion but were stopped when guards entered.

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Convicted murderers were the ones that attacked Whiting savagely. They are Richard Prendergast, 40, and Kevin Hyden, 40, sentenced for first-degree murder. When questioned via video, they admitted to attacking Whiting with serious intent in a Leeds crown court.

The convicted child killer and pedophile they stabbed with deadly intent is housed at the Category A prison. Called Monster Mansion, where lives with equally scary convicts, Whiting got punched with a makeshift weapon.

The 61-year old was rushed to the Leeds General Infirmary, receiving emergency treatment.

Bosses in prison got pictures of the injuries suffered by the man. His lips got injured, his face had cuts, and two swollen black eyes from his two attackers.

Whiting said that both convicts rushed into his cell and insulted him with the word nonce (slang for pedophile). Next, they knifed and punched him all over viciously. Trying to get away by crawling under his bed failed. He saw his own blood in a pool while lying on the floor, mentioned Head Topics.

Neither of the attackers was his enemies in the wing; he would be called a nonce, pedophile, and baby killer by his fellow inmates. He indicated that there were a few friends in jail, but gets verbally abused a lot. He added that one of them told to stab his neck and goaded to stab him more.

Whiting got sentenced in 2001 at the Lewes Crown Court with a 40-year prison sentence too.

In 2011, he was stabbed in the eye in a jail attack by double murderer Gary Vinter with a sharp toilet brush handle. Vinter stabbed the child killer and pedophile in both looks and called him a dirty little nonce.

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