An alleged Islamic terrorist attacked a teacher identified as Samuel Paty on October 17. The cause of his stabbing and getting beheaded is from cartoons he displayed of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad in the class.

Paty was going about his business ten days later outside of class when he died. 

The killer who beheaded and stabbed him is 18-year-old Chechen gunman Aboulakh A. This dreadful incident happened in the Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, 25 miles north-west of Paris, reported Meaww.

Sources say that the teacher started a harmless discussion that featured the Muslim Prophet. It reached some individual who thought otherwise.

Days before the teacher was fatally attacked and murdered, a parent did not like the approach. A video taken of the class called his teaching very appalling. 

The Daily Mail reported that Paty requested Muslim students to leave if the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo would violate their sensibilities. It is taboo for Muslims to see any image of the prophet. How the teacher depicts him is to avoid any trouble, cited Hindustan Times.

A single Muslim student stayed by mistake and had finished the class to the end. The 13-year old student told his parents about it. Soon the teacher got reprimanded by school officials and educational officers. Parents of the student forwarded a complaint, noted Daily Mail UK.

Brahim Chnina, the child's parent's posted on Twitter the teaching of Paty, saying the Muslim community takes action, stressing that he should not teach at school. He was called a hooligan without getting an explanation.

The video went viral, and the whole community got angry at him. Video was shared at a Pantin Mosque in a French suburb. Paty was slain horribly and unexpectedly when the suspect Russian national Aboulakh charged and killed him.

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Police on the scene ordered him to surrender, but they shot the unrelenting man. Officials in Paris believe the murder was an act of terrorism, not religious as framed. Muslims are divided as others kept silent.

A total of nine have been arrested, with the parent who criticized the teacher despite his moderation. Of the nine apprehended, five are suspected of links and support the killer's cause. Reported, the boy's family are suspects like his grandparents, parents, and elder 17-year old brother.

French President Emmanuel Macron called the unprovoked attack as an Islamist terrorist attack. Adding that one of their compatriots taught freedom of one's own opinion is indicated. It was stressed that the French are united and will not be divided. All are citizens who should be united.

bill is getting created to address the matter of Islamic radicals who are countermanding French values. There are many Muslim immigrants in France than in any place in Europe. The number of Muslims is only second in the country.

The murder of Samuel Paty struck a chord in most French citizens who sees the murder as an attack on the value and freedoms enjoyed. President Macron said that no matter where all citizens come from, they should believe in freedom and be free citizens limited by religion or race.

 A French teacher died getting beheading and stabbed fatally in what values all students needed to be true French.

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