Chris Watts, killing his family because of a mistress, has more skeletons in his closet. One report said that he had a male tinder date and had a relationship with another woman.

 According to Watts, he does not know them both despite their claims. He said that these people are trying to profit from his fame as a killer. It seems that the Netflix documentary has brought out the weirdos from the woodwork, reported Meaww.

 Based on the documentary that told the story of him murdering his family and everything else and is a dalliance with Nicole Kessinger, who is his co-worker. It seems there is more to the skeletons in his closet, including those of his murdered wife and children, cited the Daily Mail.

New information that cropped up shows he may go both ways, literally. When slewing his family without remorse and poking Kessinger, he was very involved and active on the dating scene. Watts has interesting stuff in the background during 2018.

 During his affair with Kessinger and Shanann, he kept a secret Tinder profile before the family murders. One time he had a one night hook up with Amanda Mc Mahon, according to Ok! Magazine. McMahon said that she met him via the Tinder app and had a secret rendezvous with her at a Chick-fil-Am parking lot. They eyeballed and went for the casual hook up, going to her house.

Recounted that it was not good for her because he was physically aggressive and unrelenting. At one point, she said that he wanted to do something deviant and refused him. He tried a fantasy of violating a woman and snaked his arms on her throat.

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She found the first time with the killer discomfiting; indulging in a rape fantasy was a turn-off. McMahon did not want to see him again after the first time.

It was not only McMahon. Next, it is a same-sex date on Tinder again. One male escort Trente Bolt told the Inside Edition that he met Watts and had a 10-month affair in 2018. They had an encounter that disturbed the convicted killer, something that was not agreeable to him.

 Later he was introduced to the Watts girls before their deaths, saying he was proud of them. They saw each other more, but Bolted was not sure of his sexual preference. One point saying that the soon to be murderer had feelings for him developing. Watts told his male fling that he would not divorce his wife because he might not see them, alleged Bolte when asked about his wife.

 When the murders happened in 2018, he was shocked and stopped the affair because of his lies. The male escort even said it made him queasy, knowing his boyfriend slew his family.

Then, suspect Watts, during the investigations, said Bolte and McMahon's claims were lies, neither does he know them too. Citing, they were out to make a buck from his infamy and his circumstances. He told his lawyer that he never saw Trent Bolte. But, said Nicole was his only lover.

Chris Watt's reputation does not stop women from connecting with him in prison. All of them are attracted to him, which might explain the same-sex tinder date and other the woman.

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