Almost two weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, revealed that they contracted the coronavirus, the first lady recalled her experience in a personal essay, which also revealed that their son, Barron Trump, also got infected with the viral disease.

Melania Trump's revealing essay published on the White House website detailed their experiences in combatting the disease. 

She stated that 14-year-old Barron, who initially tested negative for the virus, as announced by the White House, eventually became positive.

People were surprised about the first lady's information since the White House did not announce that Barron had contracted the disease even after he tested positive.

Melania Trump had also written in her essay that she, her husband, and their son, have now all tested negative for the virus.

In her essay, the first lady recalled how she worried most for her son after he tested positive for the virus following a series of negative tests. She added that Barron did not exhibit any symptoms of the disease.

According to CNN, on Wednesday, the president told reporters that their son is already feeling better and is doing fine after Melania Trump's essay was posted.

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Melania Trump also narrated her own experience with the virus. She wrote that she only experienced mild symptoms; however, the symptoms hit all at once. She described it as a roller coaster of symptoms in the following days.

Her essay detailed how she experienced headaches, cough, body aches, and extreme fatigue. However, unlike the president, the first lady was not taken to the hospital for treatment. Instead, she remained at the White House, The New York Times reported.

Melania Trump also wrote that she did not follow the same course of treatment that the president had. She said that she opted for a more natural route and relied mostly on healthy food and vitamins, instead of medications.

Despite her previous Public Service Announcement (PSA) about wearing masks, the first lady has also been seen in several appearances without the protective covering, including during the first presidential debate against Joe Biden. She was also seen giving a speech at an audience-filled Rose Garden without a mask during the Republican National Convention.

And she was also seen without a mask during the announcement of Trump's Supreme Court justice nominee. The event was tagged by Dr. Antony Fauci, the top infectious diseases expert in the U.S., as a COVID-19 super-spreader.

Since the first couple was first diagnosed with the disease, staff in the executive residence have been extra careful; they have taken precautions by wearing masks and other forms of PPEs inside the residence.

President Trump has also been long criticized for his little concern about wearing masks and his claims about the virus. After he was cleared of the disease, Trump claimed that he has already developed immunity against the virus.

At the moment, there is no further information released about Barron's COVID-19 diagnosis, but Melania Trump assured that their family is now safe from the virus.

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