President Trump said on October 12 that he was now cured of COVID-19 just a week after he was diagnosed with it. The president claimed that he had a "protective glow" because he was now "immune" to the virus.

President Trump's immunity

The president told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures" during a phone interview that once a person recovered from COVID-19, they become immune. He added, "now you have a president that's immune."

Right after the interview, President Trump posted on his Twitter account, "A total and complete sign off from White House Doctors yesterday. That means I can't get it (immune), and can't give it. Very nice to know!!!"

Twitter immediately flagged the tweets as "misleading" which the platform has done several times on the other posts of the president. According to the disclaimer, the president violated the rules of the company about spreading potentially harmful information that is related to the virus and the pandemic.

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President Trump stated that he passed the "highest standards" to show that he no longer had coronavirus. This was after questions came flooding in after a note from his doctor did not say if he tested negative after he left Walter Reed hospital. He said that the doctors at the White House stated that he was free of spreading the virus.

White House gathering

On October 11, President Trump held a peaceful protest at the White House, where he spoke to hundreds of his supporters gathered on the South Lawn.

The president pointed out that he was on a balcony, and the supporters wore masks and had their temperatures checked before they were permitted to enter the premises. He added that he was now immune from the virus after "beating it."

On the same day, the president's supporters gathered outside of Trump Tower in New York City as he shared news of his immunity, how he was cured and how Regeneron transfusion sped up or created antibodies that cured him.

President Trump's physician, Dr. Sean Conley, said on October 10 that the president was no longer at risk of transmitting coronavirus. However, he did not say whether Trump had tested negative for COVID-19.

Last Week, Dr. Conley revealed that President Trump had tested positive for antibodies of the virus. In a memo released on October 10, the White House physician said the president meets the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria for safely discontinuing isolation.

Some medical experts were skeptical that President Trump was already COVID-19 free and that holding rallies increases the risk of spreading the virus, according to Sky News.

During his rally at the White House on October 10, President Trump took off his mask moments after he emerged on the balcony to address the gathered supporters on the lawn below. It was his first rally after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and marked the three weeks left before the election.

President Trump is scheduled to hold a rally in Florida on October 12. After Florida, it is not clear if he will have another rally.

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