After the unveiling of four new models of iPhone12 by the tech giant, Apple Inc., many users had raised concerns about the possibility that their Apple devices may work slower.

It has been common for iPhone users to complain about the degrading performance and battery life of their devices after an event wherein Apple launches its latest phones. The 2020 event, where the company revealed its latest HomePod Mini and four new iPhone12 models, was not an exception.

According to a report by The Sun, several iPhone users have already taken it to Twitter to express their frustrations about their devices not working as well as it usually does right after the Apple 2020 event.

Some of these users had brewed the conspiracy theory that their phones' performance is dropping due to the launching of the iPhone12. Many are claiming that the performance downgrade in the iPhones is a plot by Apple to get users to upgrade to the latest product.

However, despite the complaints, there has been no proof that Apple is downgrading their old models' performance to con users to upgrade.

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Why is my iPhone not performing as usual?

According to several reports, there is a reason why old iPhones and other Apple products seem to be dropping in terms of performance after the recent launch. However, they warned that it is not as exciting as the claims of a conspiracy theory.

Based on the reports, since part of the launch was also the rolling out of the iOS 14 update, it could make significant changes to the phone's system. It was also noted that due to the upgrade in the operating system, the iPhone has to re-index applications and data on the phone, Yahoo! reported.

The said activities may cause heavy demand on the processor of the phone; thus, it will also drain the battery faster.

But it was also noted that this drop in performance and battery life is not long term. It was emphasized that the process of re-indexing and re-organizing data lasts for only 24-48 hours after the update, and the phone's performance and battery life will be back to normal.

Moreover, it was also noted that as Apple upgrades the operating system of iPhones, several developers may also start upgrading their applications to support the latest update. This may result in the quick draining of the battery, especially for those who have set their applications to update automatically.

In addition, it was also stated that the "drop" in the performance that people notice on their phones during times that a new model is released might be psychological. There are claims that people only think their iPhones are not performing as well as it did because they are comparing it to the latest upgrades on the new device.

Finally, it was explained that many users use their phones more after updates since they want to try the new features. Thus, this may also contribute to the quick draining of batteries.

Despite the many conspiracy theories, there is still no definitive proof that Apple is downgrading old models so that people would buy the latest ones.

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