Reducing your marketing budget doesn't mean you have to settle for lackluster SEO. There are plenty of free SEO tools that you can use to optimize your web pages and boost your content's visibility. You'll also find that using these tools allows you to have greater control and flexibility over your marketing, two things every business can always benefit from having more of. Each of these tools contains various features you need to carefully monitor and improve your search engine optimization. From analytics to keyword research, these tools each have unique functions. It's best to explore multiple options and find two to four tools that really work for your business.

Keyword Hero

Do you dread coming up with a list of keywords for your upcoming content? Research can be tiresome, especially if you're creating content for multiple platforms. Keyword Heroes draws from nine different sources to analyze your site and determine which keywords are most effective while offering recommendations. Learning where you're performing best is paramount toward building growth where it's most eminent. You can analyze up to 10 URLs and 2,000 sessions for free, and there are various pricing packages that expand your options for $25 and up. Keyword marketing is its own niche, but you can get away with building your own strategy by frequently revisiting your site's stats and finding which terms are benefitting you the most.

Beam Us Up

What are your website's greatest shortcomings? Beam Us Up crawls your site and lets you know exactly where and why certain points of your optimization aren't working. You may find that these answers aren't easily resolved on your own, in which case hiring a freelancer SEO expert could be advantageous. SEO freelancers work with a variety of clients from all sorts of backgrounds to resolve problems, redefine strategies and drive growth. The old days of prioritizing rank are done, and modern professionals know that the real purpose of any SEO strategy is to drive growth through a conversion-centric model. You can download the free site crawler from Beam Us Up and have your entire site analyzed for free. This data can be passed on to any professionals you decide to work with, allowing them to pinpoint specific issues that require prioritization.

Robots.txt Generator

Do you know what a robots.txt is for? A lot of business owners are familiar with the practical concepts and best practices, but they have limited knowledge about HTML, code and backend factors affecting their site's rank. The robots.txt file tells search engines like Google how to navigate, or crawl, your site. This is helpful because it tells search engines which pages are the most important and which ones to leave out of their algorithm. In terms of optimization, a robots.txt file helps prioritize the most relevant pages on your site to drive more traffic to pages that are designed to grow your business. Rather than having people bounce off a page because they don't find it useful, this file can ensure search engines are directing visitors to the most effective pages on your site.