The Reclining Statue of Liberty, weary-looking, is soon to be placed in the Morningside Park in Harlem later this autumn. "Reclining Liberty" was made by Harlem-based artist Zaq Landsberg.

Plans for the structure were presented on Wednesday at a Community Board 9 committee meeting.

This report originally appeared on Patch, this Sunday.

On Phillips, a leading auction house, the Reclining Statue of Liberty or Voltear or el Arte de voltear is dated 1979. The lithograph of drawing on graph paper measures 14 x 19 1/2 in. (35.6 x 49.5 cm.) and is signed and dated "Marta Minujin 79" at its lower right. Landsberg's work is from an unnumbered edition.

Estimated Worth of the Reclining Statue of Liberty

The Reclining Statue of Liberty is estimated to be worth $6,000 - 8,000. Its contact specialist Laura González is the Director of Latin American Art in New York. The statue was procured directly from the artist for a New York private collection.

The sculptor Zaq Landsberg works as an art handler, educator, and fabricator.

The Original Statue of Liberty

In contrast to the Reclining Statue of Liberty, the role of the "standing" Statue of Liberty is to unite a nation as divided as it could remember. There are numerous issues the United States is fighting over -- including people allowed and not allowed to enter the country.

In the fifth installment of the FACEism series, we recount how Lady Liberty is a firm reminder that at times in order to move forward, one should remember history. The series was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Placement of the Reclining Statue of Liberty

Meanwhile, the reclining version is described as a statue from an alternate universe. The Reclining Statue of Liberty has a tentative installation date of the 22nd of November. It would remain to grace the park until November 2021.

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The monument is 24 feet long, five feet wide, and seven feet tall. It would be installed near the base of the Morningside Park's staircase near 120th Street and Morningside Avenue.

The Inspiration of the Reclining Statue of Liberty

According to Landsberg addressing the board, it was inspired by Buddhist imagery and its depiction of the Statue of Liberty positing questions about the US's current stage.

The majority of the statue would consist of plaster resin. It will be coated with oxidized copper paint to imitate the real-life monument's appearance.

Approved by Board Members

The reclining statue acquired approval from board members. They were pleased that the sculpture would be interactive, allowing kids to climb on it.

The sculpture was initially hailed from Los Angeles. The creator has earlier exhibited his other works of art in New York City parks. Such examples are another Statue of Liberty-inspired wok of art on Governors Island and "Islands of the Unisphere" under the large globe in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

The United States Art Workers Adrift

On the subject of US art workers being left adrift as weekly $600 unemployment checks subside, such is the case for Landsberg as well. According to the artist, "I saw approximately one-third to one-half of my yearly income evaporate in the course of a few days in March." He pointed out that his skills do not transcend to remote working, reported Artnet News.

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