An Alabama woman has pleaded guilty to shooting to death a man she claimed raped her twice and threatened to kill her loved ones.

Britanny Smith of Stevenson, Alabama, had at first tried to argue using the Stand Your Ground defense, but the judge voided this due to a number of inconsistencies in her statements.

Her lawyer, Ron Smith, according to a report on Meaww, had worked out a plea deal with the prosecution wherein Britanny Smith will plead guilty to murder in exchange for a 20-year sentence.  

The Alabama woman claimed that Joshua 'Todd' Smith did not only took advantage of her femininity and physically assaulted her but also threatened to kill her loved ones. So, to protect her loved ones, she killed her rapist, she claimed.

Smith claimed to the police that Todd had been smitten with her but had later become unstable after she rejected his advances as she felt nothing for him. 

Smith said that she refused to have a relationship even when Smith kept insisting.

On that night of January 2018, the Alabama woman had allowed Todd to sleep on her couch for the night because he was stranded out in the cold and had nowhere to go. She had also insisted that he should go when the morning comes.

However, Smith had feared for her life. Her mother, Ramona McCallie, got messages from her, warning what might happen to her soon.

A text sent to her mom said that Todd had attempted to kill her literally. She also informed her mother to act normally, or else Todd would kill her.

McCallie had told CrimeOnline that her daughter had let Todd in because she did not know that he had a violent streak.

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McCallie added that Todd had played on her daughter's sympathy by telling her that he was stranded and out in the cold. 

Instead, Todd had kept the Alabama woman a prisoner in her own house for 4.5-hours that night. He also allegedly told her that he would kill her should anyone attempt to help her.

To make sure that she will not be able to call for help, he took away her mobile phone.

However, he had allowed her to make a call when he needed cigarettes. And that was when she was able to send a message to her mother.

Smith's brother, Christopher McCallie, then arrived with a gun. He told him to leave, but they got into a fight instead.

When Todd was able to put Smith's brother in a dangerous headlock, Smith picked up the gun and told Todd to stop. 

Several unheeded warnings later, she shot him. She added he was still fighting after pulling the trigger. This was what she told the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

Todd had several brushes against the law. The Daily Mail had dug up proof of his felonies. 

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