Kim Jong-un, North Korea Leader, attended a rare night-time military parade presenting a new giant missile. He also thanked the troops for "stopping" COVID-19.

The military parade marked the Workers' Party's 75th anniversary, the country's ruling party.

On Saturday, the unprecedented North Korean parade exhibited an unusually vast series of new weapons, including a stunning "monster" ballistic missile and unrevealed battle tanks.

According to experts, the hardware, possibly still underway, offered Kim Jong-un an opportunity to showcase to the globe his innovative military power. This will reportedly add to the practical capacity of North Korea's already daunting nuclear and conventional power.

Kim Jong-un is walking on a cautious territory. He is looking to pressurize the United States to relieve sanctions without disturbing rapport with Pyongyang's partners in China or United States President Donald Trump.

North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un's Speech

"Kim Jong Un's speech was not threatening to the United States, instead of labeling North Korea's nuclear forces as self-defensive. The clear message was that, counter to U.S. claims, the North Korean nuclear threat has not been solved," according to Bruce Klingner, a retired CIA North Korea analyst now at the Heritage Foundation, reported US News.

The North Korean leader warned on Saturday that his country would fully marshal its nuclear force if threatened.

Kim Jong-un avoided direct condemnation of Washington during the parade held less than four weeks before the United States presidential election on November 3, reported PBS.

The parade is a signal to Washington that the government is devoted to advancing its long-range strike capacity, notwithstanding years of fluctuating diplomatic outreach with the US.

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The new missile, which was the main feature of the military parade, is thought to be one of the largest truck-carried, liquid-fueled ICBMs globally. It has the potency to carry multiple nuclear warheads as far as the US.

In the military parade, Kim Jong-un addressed the troops to respond to natural disasters and alleviate a COVID-19 pandemic to surface.

Marked by concerts and festivals, the parade was considered as an event where Kim Jong-un could address domestic and foreign audiences.

After one day of silence regarding the military parade, state television broadcasted an edited video of the event at the capital's recently revamped Kim Il Sung Square.

The footage displayed performers and tens of thousands of spectators cheering as Kim Jong-un, wearing a gray suit and tie, was spotted from a midnight facility. A transporter vehicle with at least 22 wheels took center stage.

Since 2018, North Korea had not displayed ICBMs at a military parade. The country regularly exhibits new missiles and weaponry in its parades. It is also North Korea's first parade after two years.

According to analysts, the ICBM is possibly more fatal either due to multiple warheads or a larger payload, an innovative submarine-launched missile, technological advances in conventional ammunition, and larger missile carriers.

The ICBM star of the show was estimated to be 25 to 26 meters (82 to 85 feet) long and 2.5 to 2.9 meters (8 to 9.5 feet) in diameter. They stated that the unidentified missile would be the largest road-mobile ICBM in the globe.

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