While North Korea continues to brush off issues regarding the health dictator Kim Jong-un, people have been looking at a possible successor if anything is to happen to the leader of the hermit kingdom. Thus, all eyes are set on Jong-un's sister and confidante, Kim Yo-jong

Despite the growing development, only a few are known about Kim Yo-jong, a continual question throughout the reight of the first family of North Korea.

With their country's heavily censored press, only a small piece of information about the first family was available as they filter information and released by state-owned media outlets.

But most of the classified information relating to Kims and North Korea came from satellite imagery.

The third child of North Korea's leader now-deceased Kim Jong-il in his second wife, Kim Yo-jong is believed to be his youngest daughter.

After being blacklisted in 2017 by President Donald Trumps' departments and other nations due to severe human rights abuses, the US Treasury listed her birth year as 1989, however, South Korea claims that it 1987, making her age in question, but despite the uncertainty, the secretive state remained silent and did not clarify it.

In 2011, Kim Yo-Jong made her first public appearance as she was seen standing close to her brother after that rumors have circulated about her life.

Believed to have the same education with Kim Jong-Un who took up Computer Science in Switzerland, Kim Yo-jong observed in multiple occasions wearing identical jewelry with Kim Jong-un signifying her equal status within the regime.

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Since 2014, Kim Yo-jong headed the Department of Propaganda and Agitation which played a pivotal role in the country by producing materials ensuring the continuous adoration of the people to its leaders by shaping the narrative about their legendary myths.

North Korea's Great Leader Kim Il-sung got outlandish claims wherein he had turned pine cones into bullets, grains of sand into the rice and he could command heavens and earth.

Kim Yo-Jong plays the role that her father did amid the reign of NoKor's Great Leader, Kim Il-sung.

Book author of the 2019 "My Favourite Dictators," Chris Mikul shared that while no one considered Kim Jong-il to run the nation, he cunningly overpass them by maintaining the legacy of his father wherein he proves himself to be the most loyal follower of his father in North Korea and the main interpreter of the Great Leader's thoughts.

Same with his father, Kim Yo-jong appears to be in favor through this position as she is now considered as the second line in the dictatorship, wherein she is often tagged as the Ivanka Trump of North Korea after praising Donald Trump on behalf of the state during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

With accelerating influence and power, some claims that she is the brains behind Kim Jong-un's brawn, but she is yet to speak in public.

An added reason why Kim Yo-jong is yet to speak in public could be linked to the struggling power within the country.

In the event of anything happening to her brother, Kim Yo-jong will be the nation's future leader based on the clues from the hermit state but the main issue that could hinder Kim Yo-jong is her gender, but if she is to succeed her brother, she will be the first female ruler of the nation since its founding year in 1948.

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