Despite the current pandemic that the world faces, we have all probably had a few drinks over the last few months, whether on bars that implement social distancing protocols or even at home.

All drinkers have their own preference in terms of their favorite alcohol drinks, some want light and smooth while some prefer the hard and strong taste to satisfy their thirst for alcoholic drinks.

But if over the years of drinking, you were able to develop a nose for flavors, this time instead of spending some money to have some drinks, now can have a chance to get paid while enjoying your new-found expertise and while tasting the newly mixed drinks.

The need for people who have the nose for flavors was publicized by a company that is looking to pay individuals for drinking cocktails from the comfort of their own home while being paid off up to £400.

The Aberdeen-based drinks company in Scotland, Boozy Events now needs feedback regarding the new menu for their cocktail making class, listing eight drinks that they want to be reviewed for future productions, Scottish Financial News reported.

The chosen individual will be receiving all of the ingredients who will be sent out by the company including the equipment that will be needed for them to whip up, some delicious drinks, and the best part, once you received all of the ingredients and even done with their sent task, you get to keep everything that they have sent.

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If the applicant will be chosen, he or she will be paid £100 per session for tasting and testing all four drinks.

Once the recipe needs to be tweaked, the lucky applicant also needs to give out his or her feedback regarding the revamped cocktails as well.

The Boozy Events shared their explanation regarding the new role stating that they have been hard at work, developing new cocktail recipes for their brand new online cocktail making class experience and they also shared that they are almost ready to go public and they just need people who love cocktails and to tell them what they think about the upcoming contemporary cocktails.

Compare to serving up the cocktails in a bar environment, they also need to make sure that their cocktails can also be created while enjoying and the same when being consumed.

According to The Sun, the company also added that they need to ensure that their new packaging, ingredients, and equipment can survive the travel and the transport as they journey from their bar going to the bars of the individuals.

The applicant is also expected to have his or her ratings on the flavors of the drinks, the presentation, packaging, and if they were able to learn a new skill during the whole experience.

There is no need for any formal bartending experience when applying, the applicant should only be above 18 years old and has a passion for cocktails and they have to make sure that they can document properly sufficient experience.

A CV or a cover letter is not needed when applying, but you must upload a review of the recent drink that you have had with a photo attached to it until October 22.

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