Wine is a drink made with fermented fruits, mostly grapes. Wine grapes are different from your table grapes as they are sweeter, have many seeds, and are smaller.

Wine and beers are different kinds of alcoholic beverages as beers are made of fermented grains. Wine came from the term Vintage as Vint means winemaking and Age for the wine's required years of making.

Lately, numerous people are becoming wine drinkers because of the benefits they get from it, such as wine supporting a person's life longevity. It keeps the heart healthy, prevents Alzheimer's disease, makes your skin healthier, etc. Here are the top brands of red wine for those who are beginning to make drinking a hobby.


Zinfandel is the perfect brand for beginners in wine drinking as it is low in alcohol content, low-calorie content, and soft sweetness. There are two types of Zindanfel wine, white and red.

The Red Zinfandel is the more sophisticated and complex type than the White Zinfandel because it is light-bodied and contains high acidity that gives it a bold taste.

On the other hand, the White Zinfandel is sweet and fruity; it closely resembles a rose with its blush pink color. Usually, Zinfandel is a perfect match with hard and creamy cheese.


The big and inky red wine, Syrah, is one of the best brands to start with your wine journey. The intense flavors of dark fruits, such as blueberries and plums with a little bit of tobacco and chocolate, will result in velvety smooth wine. Syrah is perfect if you expect to have lamb or any kind of cheese.

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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the type of wine that will help you understand how to taste acidity as it is the first step to distinguishing wines.

There are two varieties of Pinot Noir, the Old World and the New World. The Old World Pinot Noir has a lean structure and high acidity while the New World can taste "riper" at times, making it have a juicier flavor.

Generally, the Pinot Noir brand of wine has a light red color and often smells like cherries, cranberries, or raspberries. It also has a small amount of tannins making its acidity shine.


A meaty and full-bodied red wine describes Monastrell well because it has an explosion of various dark fruits and flowers.

Monastrell has the aroma of black pepper, red meat, and thyme. Mourvedre wine, or also called Monastrell, is also known for its gamey taste in Spain, Bandol, and France.

People believe that the aroma of the Mourvedre wine is due to its wine fault called reduction. The best temperature to enjoy Monastrell is between 67-71 °F.

Mouvedre is best when served with meats that have loads of umami, such as Veal, Beef ribs, Barbeque, Lamb, Pork Shoulder, Rabbit, etc.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Last but certainly not least is Cabernet Sauvignon, a tannins-made wine. It is the most popular red wine worldwide for its dark cherry aroma with a hint of vanilla.

Cabernet Sauvignon is often aged in oak and is best partnered with a fine steak. This brand of wine is good for beginners to decide whether they like it or not.

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