The big family holiday is coming. You have too much time. And in this coming Thanksgiving holiday, you are in the mood to prepare a festive meal for your family and friends. You have one problem, though. It will be your first time to take on the task. You are beginning to get worried as you have never cooked a holiday meal in your entire life.

However, it is not yet time to reach for and press that panic button.  A novice host like you can pull that Thanksgiving holiday off without a fuss and with a lot of ease. With the correct strategies and easy tips and ideas, you will surely nail this holiday dinner and give your family and friends the best holiday meals ever! 

Know the Holiday Cooking Methods 

Holiday cooking can not only be very intimidating but also very overwhelming for the newbies. It is the main and the first problem that you, as a newbie, should learn how to overcome. However, do not fret, for this can be totally and easily avoided by knowing the cooking methods you would want to use this coming Holiday. 

You may want to start with the usual Holiday cooking methods such as sauteing, stir-frying, searing, braising, roasting, deglazing and stewing. Educating yourself with these different cooking methods would absolutely clear your mind about the kind of holiday meals you would like to serve to your family and friends. For knowing what to do first hand already solves half of the problem. 

Choose the Right Kitchen Tools

Having these holiday cooking methods in your mind, the next best thing for you to do as a beginner is to choose or buy the right kitchen tools. There is the right cooking equipment for every cooking method, and nonstick is probably best for beginners as this would be an excellent time-saver and best for one's health.  This will also improve the taste of the meal and safe for deglazing or browning.

The right kitchen tools are always the beginner's best friend because this will help him avoid that stress-free and hassle-free preparation for thanksgiving dinner. The right kitchen tools will also guarantee you as a novice cook meals that are safe to eat and perfectly cooked.  With the high-quality kitchen tools, the ingredients that you just bought will really never be put to waste.

Opt for Simple Recipes

Simplicity is always the key to success. This long-established rule is also equally applicable in hosting a Thanksgiving dinner.  As a newbie, it is not absolutely the perfect time to get experimental. A novice holiday cook will never go wrong with simple recipes such as Simple Sauteed Spring Greens, Bacon Appetizers, Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes, Roast Beef, Cranberry Bean, or Pumpkin Stew or Pan-fried Turkey Breast.   

Opting for simple recipes will not only help you save your time and work, but it will also help you save your money. Avoid unnecessary complications by sticking to simple dishes or simple recipes. As the famous Leonardo Da Vinci once said, 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.'

Buy the Ingredients Ahead of Time   

After finally deciding what simple dishes to cook for this holiday, list all the ingredients you have to buy. These ingredients must be purchased ahead of time to avoid the holiday shopping rush. Buying your components at the last minute will not only add immense pressure on you as a newbie thanksgiving cook, but it will also possibly lead you to a disastrous holiday dinner.

If possible, go shopping early in the morning. Avoid all situations that would consume your energy, such as horrendous traffic, long grocery store lines, and zero parking lot spaces. Remember, an early bird newbie cook always catches the worm!

Do not Forget to Have Fun 

Thanksgiving is both a friend and a family affair. Our goal in celebrating Thanksgiving is to have fun together as a group or as one family. Having fun should always be your topmost priority in every holiday celebration. To feel exhausted in the process of preparing a holiday dinner for your loved ones is really not a good sign at all. 

Do not rub yourself the holiday fun that you do when you think holiday preparation is starting to get out of hand, never hesitate to ask for help. There are strengths and even fun in numbers. For preparing and cooking together during holidays can be one of the fun ways to celebrate holidays.


With these five easy tips, you can now absolutely cook the best holiday meals this coming holiday for your family and friends like a pro. You can now celebrate with family and friends over the best meals without losing the spirit of fun. For at the end of the day, Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for your loved ones. So go ahead, and get ready to nail your first Thanksgiving dinner hosting!