A K-9 sniffer was about to find a secret stash of 24-pounds of cocaine when they search a pad in New York City. The dog was able to find the illegal drugs inside the back of the bathroom vanity.

The apartment was located in the Bronx and owned by an alleged drug trafficker in the city. Finding 24-pound of the stuff is a haul for the fight against illegal drugs, reported New York Post.

Police dog K-9 Balu's sharp nose found the proof to arrest and prosecute the drug trafficker Cesar Chavez, 51, with two other known associates. They have $125,000 in cold cash with the stash of cocaine valued at $600,000. It is the statement of the city with federal officials announced on a Wednesday, reported KLSM.

Who is Chavez

During the cocaine shortage that was caused by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, Chavez of Manhattan was the one who got the 24-pounds of cocaine, according to the NYPD.

He had two others with him when they were caught in the stung unknowingly. They are Cristian Rodriguez Chavez, 32, his nephew, and another Roberto Javier-Batista, 38. Both of the suspects are from the Bronx.

Agencies that worked together to win this victory over organized crime have dealt a blow to illegal drugs and criminality. The New York Police Department (NYPD), state police, Port Authority police, and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) are part of the operation. It is one of the largest hauls of illegal drugs.

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The cops were lucky to get off the streets all the cocaine they found in a flat. Ceasar Chaves had a large stash of snow that was not just half a kilogram of the drugs, and the bills inside a backpack. Their dog sniffed the drug stash behind the hidden spot in the bathroom.

On September 3, the authorities conducted an operation with multiple agencies to ferret out criminal activities. Ceasar Chavez was under surveillance when carried an odd brick-shaped parcel covered in plastic. He and Javier-Batista left the area according to sources, mentioned Xoo News.

Suspects got into a car and drove away fast when they felt edgy. The state police tried to apprehend them, but the perpetrators got away with the drugs.

That evening Chavez was seen leaving the flat and getting into a car driven by Rodriguez Chavez. Later Javier-Batista entered the backseat with a similar package from earlier in the day. Authorities noticed it was the same kind of parcel they had.

When the police stopped their car, the one in the back tried to hide the drugs under the driver's seat. The package was 2.2-lbs of cocaine. Keys to the flat used to search for more evidence to nail the suspects. Chavez's mobile phone pinged as a security alert when the flat was breached by agents, cited Fox News.

Prosecutors in the case say the stash in the bathroom had a Chinese dragon stamped onto it. During the pandemic, everything tanked, but Chavez earned a lot according to Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan remarked. Chavez is under charges with all 24-pounds of the drugs that are under lock and key.

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