Democrat Nancy Pelosi entered a closed salon to have herself done, but she was not wearing a mask. According to the law, wearing masks is required in closed spaces, especially a salon. After the Salon Gate incident, Pelosi accused the owner of a setup.

This is the current dilemma faced by Pelosi who has always been vocal and critical of all things Republican. She even criticized the President for not wearing a mask, but this time she's on the receiving end.

On August 31, Pelosi visited a salon without wearing a mask. The owner, Erica Kious revealed the footage to the networks like FOX, which had a field day on the DEMs, reported Meaww.

Kious, a single mom, is relying on the salon for her livelihood was forced to close. Threats came and outrage from misguided supports of the DEMs. But Amy Tarkanian of the Nevada State GOP had a fundraiser to help the fretting salon owner. In no time, Tarkanian's assist got Kious a big amount of $120, 000 that will be pot money for a new start.

Pelosi's hostility to the Salon is considered by the Democrat as a set-up. It mentions that the Democrat was there on Monday for a wash and blowout. But most rules say salons must be closed during the pandemic.

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Some rules were lenient to allow at least one customer at a time for salons. On Tuesday, as the official opening, some services were allowed. One note is that when it closes, the fundraising goes to the Salon owner to settle and start anew, noted Trending politics.

When the news of the Kious fundraiser went viral, speculations abound, but some were on the negative side. They were on the side of the DEMs who support their brand of politics. Ones wrote that Kious was not random, and she knew what happens after releasing the footage. Social media can be cruel especially if the one on the dirty end is a democrat.

One more comment on social media made more snide remarks about the Tarkanian that set up a fundraiser. But it mentioned dislike of Pelosi, so it was even-steven.

Some did not go short on support for the owner and were glad for her guts to tell the real DEMOCRATIC truth. The comment targeted @SpeakerPelosi and other unsavory remarks about her. But many were proud of her act, defying Pelosi which could have cost her everything.

 As the video got viral, the speaker went on the attack, saying it was a setup by others and Kious (owner eSalon) was in on it. Even rambling on more saying only the salon owner can approve the appointment. But, Kious said the speaker called the stylish for the slot or assistant. Kious was innocent.

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