Last Sunday, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made another mistake despite having his card with all the facts. The elections are getting close but the Democrat still makes mistakes despite the alleged aides that he uses to keep on track.

 His recent snafu comes about as the aged 77-year old Democrat may be getting gray in the brain. This is can be concluded because he just said 200 million Americans have died from the coronavirus pandemic. Checking the actual numbers the population in the U.S. is a little over 330 million, saying 200 million dead just leaves 130 million alive right now, reported Meaww.

 Looking at Biden's statement shows gross inaccuracies in his statements which should be 6.8 million people. If he checked on the figure, this is the most people affected in any country all over the world. So, 200 million did not perish but its a mistake.

 This gaff adds to the many errors on the campaign trail of the Harris-Biden ticket. This happened in the state of Pennsylvania at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Most political pundits are puzzled by this eccentric claim by Biden. Many wonder where he get the statistics of the inaccurate deaths. Because of this, the incumbent president has been hitting Biden hard and fast. As Trump says, he does not need a teleprompter.

For quite a while Biden has been doing his spiel on the reasons why Donald Trump has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic, and that he should not be voted too. His Sunday speech had a severe glitch and went on ranting how bad the White House made it. 200,000 people died by the time his speech was done. Trump and his camp have made fun of the older democrat's cognitively challenged mind.

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Biden and his mixed-up numbers

 No one is perfect, Biden has racked up the numbers literally, that is the mistakes he made in public and virtual engagement. Initially, the Biden campaign was in the basement. With the President catching up, the basement Biden stayed is abandoned.

In May 2020, he started his first-ever mistake regarding the pandemic,saying that 600k died from COVID-19, but it was a mistake because only 67,000 died during that period. Next in June, still, it was not right at all. He again mentioned 120 million dead from the virus. Should have been 122,000, just minus 2000 dead, then it would be right.

 There were more numerical citations that ended in stating the wrong number again. In a Michigan sortie, Biden fumbled the number that referred to those fatalities in the military. He said 6,000 military servicemen died when a matter of fact, they perished from COVID-19. During the talk, he never corrected himself on the botched numbers. His team later said it was only seven, as a correction and fact-checked by CNN.

 In February, Biden said in the primary debate of his Democratic Party is about 150 million in the U.S. are gun violence victims. Later, it was corrected to 150,000 people killed. Trump slammed him for it hard.

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