A worker from Google has been hospitalized struggling to fight for his life for several months after he was informed about the complications from his broken arm and that he was being treated for were indications of blood cancer.

James McGill, 33 years old a senior account manager at Google, was admitted to the hospital after he sought help for his broken arm, which was said to have not completely healed around December of last year.

McGill, who works for the media team of Google in Dublin, Ireland, injured his arm several years before he started to experience further complications towards the end of 2019. He began to trip up more often and noticed he was starting to lose his left leg power. McGill also lost his ability to drink or swallow, Daily Mail reported.

In January, after an MRI scan, McGill was informed that his brain has a lesion, which later on was diagnosed as lymphoma that is a form of blood cancer.

McGill dropped from 9st 4lb to 5st 8lb by May and was only given by consultants a day or two to live.

In a bid to raise £100,000 to make McGill's home livable for his present condition, his friends set up a page named GoFundMe.

As McGill told his story, he uttered he broke his arm a couple of years ago, but his arm never appeared to completely heal.

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On his statement, McGill said he slowly started to feel that his left leg started to lose power and found himself tripping frequently, then he decided to book himself for an MRI scan and knew that his brain has a lesion.

After knowing his condition, he told his father about it and broke down to his father's arms, adding that it was not long after that time when he started to lose his ability to drink and swallow.

As McGill continued his story, he underwent an operation and there it was found out that he has lymphoma. He has been bed-bound from then.

According to the Irish Central, as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, his parents where the only visitors allowed to come and check on his condition in the hospital.

McGill articulated he did not get the chance to tell his parents his condition since they were not allowed to visit on that day and he only had the chance to tell them on FaceTime.

According to McGill, he was extremely underweight that he has gone from 59kg (9st 4lb) to 37kg (5st 8lb) in just a short span of months.

Moreover, McGill stated at a point the doctors said he only had more than 24 hours to live, but he knew nothing about it, adding that he was hallucinating having dinner with Kim Kardashian in London.

Now that McGill managed to push through, he believes that he is slowly getting a bit better. McGill has gone through several rounds of chemotherapy, which was a big battle between his body and mind. Every time he needed to undergo chemotherapy, he fought hard, thanking the medical team in Beaumont and calling them amazing.

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