A mother was both terrified and angered after she found photos of her baby daughter stolen from her social media posts and uploaded on child pornography websites.

Twenty-nine-year-old Amanda Morgan told parents to be careful about what they post on social media after she found pictures of her daughter being feasted on by pedophiles on a Russian website.

Morgan cautioned parents to protect their child's privacy by telling them of the dangers that come with posting photos in a public setting.

According to UNILAD, Morgan posted photos of her daughter Callia on her social media account without other intentions. Unknown to her, the 'cute photos' of her child became the cause of danger to her daughter.

The 29-year-old mother, later on, discovered that photos of Callie were being posted on Facebook and Instagram pages which shares 'cute baby photos.' Morgan did not initially become alarmed since she thought the pages were all innocent, however, Callia's photos fell into the wrong hands.

Morgan narrated that she was contacted by several parents who were trying to close down the website which feeds pedophile content, that photos of her daughter are being preyed upon by pedophiles on the internet.

Moreover, Morgan later found out that the website did not only stole photos of her baby but also altered the photos, dolling up her baby with heavy make-up.

Recalling the moment when she found out that her daughter's innocent snaps were being exploited by online predators, Morgan expressed being very horrified. According to her, she was crying for almost an hour upon finding out the news and even her partner was not able to calm her down.

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After finding out about the photos, Morgan set up an account on the website to see how the images of her daughter were used. She also expressed shock and disgust after finding numerous images of child abuse uploaded on the website.

She also noted that she saw several atrocious comments on the photos of Callia from people who had pedophile usernames on the website.

Morgan also stated that she initially blamed herself since she was the one who posted the photos of her child publicly. However, she realized that she should not put the blame on her when what happened was the doing of sick people in the world.

In a report by I Heart Intelligence, the concerned mother stated that she decided to share her story in order to raise awareness about the dangers of public posting in social media. She also stated that she has been warning parents to be very cautious when sharing photos of their children and to make their accounts private.

She also added that she had warned parents to refrain from posting photos of their children in baths, as it could be used by online predators for other purposes.

Despite the calls and rallies of several individuals to shut down the website, it is reported that the site is still operational as of the moment. Amada also stated that she has alerted the authorities of the incident.

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