Uttar Pradesh, INDIA - The parents of a woman claimed that because of desperation to have a son, the husband of their 35-year-old daughter cut open his own wife who is now in critical condition.

According to the reports, the man who is a father of five girls sliced open the stomach of his pregnant wife hoping to confirm that his wife is carrying their future son.

Based on the information given by a senior police official, the suspect was only identified as Pannalal who was arrested after he inflected his own wife leaving her suffering for serious injuries, The Sun reported.

Superintendent Pravin Singh Chauhan shared in an interview that the investigation is still ongoing as they want to dig some more information regarding what really happened on the incident that occurred on Saturday in the village of Nekpur, an area which is part of the Indian northern state of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India.

According to the authorities, they are still determining the motive behind the act, and based on the running investigation the item used to cut open the body of the victim is still not clear.

The parents of the soon-to-be mother of her sixth child claimed that the man carried out the bloody attack because he was desperate of having a boy in their family after having five girls.

The 35-year-old victim is seven months pregnant and currently still in critical condition in Bareilly Hospital.

Based on the statement from the family and their neighbors, they have taken the victim to a near district hospital before she was transferred to the said hospital.

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As of the moment, the status and the condition of the baby is still not clear.

According to Mirror, the alleged incident only reflects that the stigma towards baby girls in a number of areas of India still continues.

In June of 2019, a video of a newborn baby girl who had been abandoned in a rubbish bin went viral after it circulated on Twitter.

After witnessing the brutal video, filmmaker and journalist Vinod Kapri and his wife Shakshi Joshi announced that they are already in the process of the little girl's adoption after they were able to track down the girl to JLN Hospital in Naguar, Rajasthan.

Way back 2017, a Sunday People investigation found out that three unwanted baby girls are being dumped on a monthly basis outside the Palna center in New Delhi.

And similar figures also reflect on the baby girls abandoned outside other hospitals, orphanages, and stations of police in the capital of India waiting for a loving home to stay in

The so-called cradle scheme of India was set up to save children from death in a country where daughters are treated and seen as a burden, causing their poverty.

The acts are considered as common in some areas in India.

Based on the latest reports, a shocking number of baby girls are being dumped dead or even alive in bushes, ditches, rubbish tips, or sometimes buried alive.

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