Sources in a case involve a son who killed and dismembered the bodies of his parents. Most heinous was the act of beheading his mother and boiling it in a pot.

The Tennessee Supreme Court threw out the request of the 32-year old who eviscerated the corpses of his parents. He wanted to keep the court from seeing pictures from the scene of the crime. One them is that of his mother's head getting boiled in water like soup, reported Knox News.

The court disregarded the request of the killer, identified as Joel Michael Guy Jr. who tried to stop viewing the evidence. Next, the pictures were used in court was used against him, taken without a warrant from his house, noted Metro UK.

 One of the developments in the heinous double murder is whether Judge Steve Sword will render Guy's murderous rampage as invalid. This is because no proper search warrant was obtained at the scene of the crime at Goldenview Lane home, his parents' residence.

 On Thanks Giving Holiday 2016, Detective Jeremy McCord of the Knox County Sheriff's Office went to the residence of 55-year-old Lisa Guy. She was supposed to be at work, so he checked in on her. He was going in to see the shock of his career.

Upon ariving on the property, he finds it uneasily vacant, there was a for-sale sign in the front lawn. The detective sensed something queer and felt the heat from a door with a whiff of strong chemicals. He noticed that groceries were spilled on the entrance which is a bad sign. The detective was alarmed and decided to go inside the house with no official warrant.

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He saw the gruesome scene, and knew what happened to Lisa and Joel Guy Sr, age 61. There was gore all over as blood scatter on wall. He even saw the head of Lisa that was stewing in boing water on the stove. The husband's hands were chopped off and was seen on the bedroom floor. Inside the bath were two severed torsos. 

More evidence was found like the house key, which connected Guy Jr. to the horrific slaying of his parents. But, the accused wanted to be declared innocent because of the illegal evidence.

Last December, Knox County Criminal Court Judge Bob McGee ignored his claims but allowed an eccentric pretrial appeal. Soon after the case was transferred to Judge Sword because he was retiring, Sword is waiting for a Supreme Court decision.

According to Prosecutor Leslie Nassios, the parents were setting an ultimatum for then 28-year old Guy Jr. who studied at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He was told during Thanks Giving, cited Meaww.

Adding evidence from his room at his parent's house, the murderer had stayed during the occasion. In the room, he had items to be used to kill and eviscerate them cruelly. He also bought muriatic acid to breakdown the flesh of his parents.

The murderer's defense lawyers consisting of present or past public defenders said that the evidence had no official warrant. They needed Joel Jr.'s official consent to enter the house. But sources say McGee disagreed and he never resided full time, only yearly visits, mentioned The Sun

It was not an ordinary homicide case according to the decision and the grisly murder discounted needing a search warrant. 

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