The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the New Normal in digital and dating experiences. The app Zoom is the advent's feature; we have work meetings, Netflix nights with friends, and dates via Zoom call. Reading up on Zoom call beauty dating tips is deemed necessary.

Virtual dating has taken the place of a movie and dinner for those who wish to be safe than sorry. With the new digital normal comes more virtual camera time. For beauty enthusiasts, one challenge posed is figuring out how one's face should look best pixelated.

How to Look Best Pixelated?

Image this situation: It is 8:45 AM and you overslept. Your Zoom meeting begins in 15 minutes on the dot. After dressing from the waist up and tying a ponytail prim and proper-like, there are 5 minutes remaining to tackle your face. Mascara or highlighter? To contour or not? There are easy tips to achieve a subtle glow for your next video chat, reported Vogue.

1. Maintain Your Regular Routine

Marissa Ingrasci underscores the significance of maintaining your regular routine with the same kind of structure and focus. "I woke up, I showered, I did my hair, and I put on minimal makeup like I do every single day when I'm not in quarantine," reported Byrdie.

2. Face Natural Light

To get the best lighting, ensure that you are facing a natural light source and the source of the light is coming from behind the camera.

If you do not have an option for one of these Zoom Call beauty dating tips, angle and redirect a desk lamp so the light is refracting from a nearby wall.

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3. Natural Hair and Makeup Look

According to Perri Konecky from New York City, "Considering he's seen me in full glam before this happened and I didn't bring all my makeup home with me, I've been doing a more natural hair and makeup look for our dates. I've stuck with some light highlighter and brow gel instead of full foundation, heavy eye makeup, and filled-in brows."

4. Wear a Suitable Outfit

Keep your sweats on from the waist down if you feel comfortable, but make an effort to change your top. Choose something more interesting including statement sleeves, a preppy collar, or an overall flattering, eye candy print or color suitable for the square box.

5. Be Mindful of Your Skin

Cameras make skin problems look worse.

Sleep for 8-10 hours, drink plenty of water, and use a daily moisturizer to have healthy skin. Prior to your date, you could use a concealer to blend in red areas of trouble spots. Apply a thin layer for subtlety.

6. The Unsmudged Red Lip

Wise word: bold red lips always look great on camera. You can bring out color with a crimson shade.

If you are the type of person who usually wears dark clothing and opts for a more natural look, color is necessary on a virtual date. This is to prevent you from appearing washed out or dreary also even if the lighting situation is not good.

These Zoom call beauty dating tips are important even if you prefer the natural look.

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