Video conference calls are now the new norm in the Work From Home (WFH) lifestyle as part of the global quarantine lifestyle. Even if your work meetings are not in person, you should still be presentable and look your best.

Other than Zoom, people conduct virtual meetings via Skype or Google+ Hangout. Thanks to technology, one could conduct business with anyone anytime and anywhere across the globe.

Our social media platforms' feeds have also been inundated with humorous fails in video conferencing videos. They range from bathroom-related blunders to adorable interview interruptions on live television which prove that there are numerous ways to offer less than your best during virtual meetings, reported RingCentral.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased necessity of learning how to conduct yourself on the technology medium. However, we have bad habits when participating in video conference calls including some doing calls with their laptop cameras looking up their noses, reported Forbes.

Whether you are participating in Zoom work meetings with colleagues or having virtual Netflix marathons with friends, you should spend more time focusing on other people and not frantically checking how you look in the corner of your screen.

Follow these recommended steps:

1. Have good lighting

Finding good light is important. Shadows hovering over your face could highlight signs that have not slept and darkness will obscure your prominent features, reported PC Magazine.

You could face a sunlit window for natural light or place a light behind your phone, laptop, or tablet to be deciphered in video conference calls.

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2. Relax for they are mere people

You might have stage fright when talking to people virtually faced with a microphone. It is merely talking to people but through a different medium.

If you find it harder to talk to people virtually, simply picture one or two people as if you are talking to them in person and everything could get easier.

3. Get a better webcam

A good lighting setup could only take you so far if your webcam does not deliver well.

The low resolution would make you appear like a news broadcaster from 2002 and the poor autofocus and depth of field will not separate you from the environment around you.

Upgrade your camera to an external webcam. It is the most convenient way to boost your video call quality without spending too much.

4. Properly dress

Be professional. This translates to the mentality that you should get up, shower, and dress, as you would when leaving the house for work.

Leave the pajamas in the bedroom. A fleece is an essential piece of homewear.

You could choose to wear anything under, even your boxers. Just be presentable.

5. Sound good

Try wearing a headset with a microphone. The earbud and microphone headset that accompanied your mobile phone is alright to use.

Turn off audio in your house: no television, no radio, no playing children, and no barking dogs in order to not disturb your video conference calls.

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