People who went to Apple's "Time Flies" launch event this week anticipating a huge iPhone 12 announcement. TechRadar said they were probably asking, "Wait, where is my new iPhone?"

The release of the iPhone 12 marks the first time since the iPhone 4S in 2011 was not released in Apple's usually-ironclad September release window.

Key Component

The tech giant may have just divulged the brain that will operate the upcoming smartphone series -- an A14 Bionic processor.

The brand new iPad Air is powered by an A14 Bionic processor which is the same processor that possibly operates Apple's iPhone 12 series, reported Whatsaup.

The New Watch, iPad, and iPad Air

The brand new Watch, iPad, and iPad Air were launched by Apple at their Tuesday event as everyone's hopes regarding the new iPhones were dashed.

However, Apple routinely throws hints regarding future products or probable launch dates. They mentioned dates in a couple of presentation videos from the brand, reported World News Era.

iPhone 12 Announcement

Since the prominent smartphone giant's declaration of its next-generation smartphone iPhone 12, tech enthusiasts' interest was piqued. iPhone 12 has been trending as one of the most searched keywords for some time, reported Pop Times.

iOS 14 Released Before iPhone 12

The software version iOS 14 has been made available for most iPhone models. The most recent version is slated to run the awaited Apple iPhone 12 models that are anticipated to be issued likely in October.

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Strategic Mistake in the 5G Field

According to senior industry analyst Liang Zhenpeng, he thinks that the main reason for iPhone 12 is missing from the launch was the smartphone company giant's strategic mistake in the 5G field.

With the declaration that the new phone would be late by a few weeks, along with its usual system updates and more attractive exterior design, tech analysts supposed that the main component would possibly be 5G connection.

Other Possible Reasons for iPhone 12's Delay

According to industry observers, the delayed announcement may be because of a couple of supply issues and the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Times stated that its disappearance from the September release window may be a letdown for consumers expecting iPhone 12, but the bright said is that Apple may just have dodged a political maelstrom involving the United States' government's repression on Chinese tech company giant Huawei Technologies.

Apple Teased the iPhone in 2 Significant Ways

The company gave a sneak peek of the iPhone 12's eventual arrival during the event. It divulged two large features of the handset without the need for connecting them to the next generation iPhones.

Here are 2 significant ways Apple provided a sneak peek of the iPhone 12:

Next-Gen Mobile Chip

It was suggested that the 4th-gen iPad Air has a major component in the form of an A14 processor which is seemingly a stretch. This chip should have debuted on the iPhone 12 before being allocated to other devices through custom models.

No Charger in the Box

According to rumors, the first 5G iPhones would not be remarkably more costly than the iPhone 11.

People expect similar pricing for the Apple iPhone 12 notwithstanding that it is a smaller 5.4-inch iPhone with the most affordable price.

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