Located at the heart of the Italian Peninsula, Rome is a historical city and is the capital of the Lazio region. It is also considered as one of the finest and oldest cities in the world,

Rome is known as the Eternal City and has been the center of power, politics, development, and culture for the past 2,500 years. It is where the colossal Roman Empire grew. Several Roman emperors and Casers have ruled the majestic city. And there are various legends of how the stunning region was built that have beaten the test of time.

There are numerous to-do lists that have you explore and discover several places in Rome, Italy. More sites and religious buildings built overtime stun travellers with their beauty and remind them of how glorious Rome is.


Rome's most recognized symbol is the Colosseum because of its long and bloody history, including the gladiator and animal fights. It has been neglected for centuries, but the history it holds will be preserved for generations to come.

The Colosseum is believed to house 50,000 people inside during its peak, and over four million people visit it annually to bask in its glory and beauty.

St. Peter's Square and St. Peter's Basilica

What is more remarkable in Rome is that it has a small country called the Vatican. St. Peter's Square is one of Rome's iconic places because most important religious events have taken place here.

The St. Peter's Basilica stands in the far end of St. Peter's Square, and it is the most recognizable religious building worldwide. St. Peter's Basilica holds the holiest shrines of its catholic followers and stands as the triumph of power and decadence of the Catholic religion.

Ancient Ruins

The Ancient Ruins at the Roman Forum date back to around 500 B.C. Entering this majestic site is like strolling along Ancient Rome because of the cobblestoned streets in Togas.

The Ancient Ruins are a vast archaeological site where people used to bring sacrifices for the temples. There are still visible remnants from Imperial Roman empire because of the enlargement done by Julius Caesar.

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Trevi Fountain

It has become a tradition to throw coins over your shoulder in the Trevi fountain because it is believed to bring good luck. It was constructed in 1762 by Nicola Salvi to pay tribute to the Roman God Oceanus. This fountain should not be missed when walking through the fascinating streets of Rome, Italy.

Centro Storico

Get lost in the fascinating narrow cobblestones that make up the Centro Storico. There are countless streets and alleys where you can find boutiques that sell carved wood and jewellery.

There are several private courtyards where the wealthiest Romans lived, and numerous churches with exquisite Baroque art.

Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is a renowned religious chapel in the Vatican and is known around the world because of its detailed iconography and rich history.

The beautiful architecture is particularly famous for the ceiling work made by the renowned painter Michaelangelo. The Sistine Chapel is a part of the Vatican's Museu Complex and was restored in the 1400s. This chapel held the papal enclave where a new pope is selected.

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