Children are supposed to have all their needs and a happy life, but a 12-year-old boy died in misery and in dismal conditions. A couple subjected to beating, starved and even imprison the suffering child in a locked and dirty room. This condition persisted for years, without the father's intervention.

The boy is identified as Maxwell Schollenberg, aged 12, who lived and died in horrible conditions. He was found dead and unclothed, even soiled himself and was covered in feces inside a locked and back barred room, reported The Sun.

Two of the accused killers are his natural father and the fiancée. Both Scott Schollenberger Jr, 42, and his fiance Kimberly Mauer, 35, are facing charges of homicide (a minor) and child endangerment as they abused and maltreated Maxwell till his pitiful death.

 According to the police in Annville, Lebanon Pennsylvania, they were summoned on May 26, after receiving a call of a dead child, told FOX43.

Entering the residence and scene of the crime, they came across the corpse of the dead child that was sprawled on the bed. Officers noticed the dead child was not fed well enough and seemed unwell.

There are evidence in the corpse of horrible things that led to the end of Maxwell's young life, cited CTV News.

Records that were taken as evidence by the court was also obtained by the press. The document that described the victim's maltreated corpse and clothes was soiled with feces. The room was locked and windows covered with filth creating an awful smell.

"Inhuman" was the adjective used to describe where they locked the boy. Shuttered windows with sides screwed were usedto keep him or anyone from seeing or hearing the victim. Not even the other children were allowed to interact with their sibling.

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One other thing inside the room where the victim died in was the bed he lay on. Near it was a plastic cup with an inch of water for him to drink. Even water was not generously given to him.

Police mentioned they saw three metal hooks outside the door. They found out that two accused child maltreaters had it installed to keep the victim inside at all times. Otherwise, they made sure the boy would never escape.

When the investigation was underway, it was discovered that his family members had not seen the boy for several years. It was assumed the accused kept him hidden to avoid questions.

More was found out beyond the maltreatment and near starvation. The father never brought him to the doctor in ten years, neither was he ever sent to school at any time, noted in the documents.

It went downhill for the accused when the fiancé's children were living in the same house and given better treatment. When the other kids were asked, they said Maxwell was barely seen. Even worse, some never realized someone lived in a decrepit second-floor room.

The autopsy was done on the child last June 1 which showed terrible conclusions of inhuman treatment. He was severely starved and lacking nourishment, weighing only 47.5 pounds and 50 inches tall. The examination was done at Lehigh Valley Hospital, performed by Doctor Michael W. Johnson, noted CrimeOnline.

He added that the victim was beaten by one of the accused on the head. This was made worse by the child's depleted condition, adding that either one could have killed the victim.

Both Schollenberger and Mauer who starved, beat, and intentionally starving a 12-year old boy are in jail, waiting for trial.

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