In Meridian, Idaho, a nine-year-old was murdered due to the maltreatment of his stepmother. Found covered in his vomit, beaten, and tortured, not given enough food, had to sleep in a closet. The stepmother was charged with murder for what she did with no remorse.

The deceased child is identified as Emrik Osuna who died on Wednesday morning September 2. This was confirmed when both parents summoned the EMS because the child stops breathing. Authorities found the child in a pitiful state. The corpse smelt and covered with vomit. Worse was evidence of beating and torture, reported Meaww.

 His stepmother Monique Osuna, 27, was the one alleged to have done such cruelty on Emrik. But, his natural father, Erik Osuna-Gutierrez, 29, did not do anything to stop it. Because of that, he is charged as a felon for injuries to the child, failing to prevent the step mom's depravity.

 Emrik's young life came to an end because of this demented woman. The victim died the early morning after extended torture and neglect when the EMS discovered his body in such a shocking state. There were no signs of life, unspeakable bruises, and worse, vomit was dripping from his open mouth.

The deceased was starved with evidence proven that he died at the pediatric ICU in St. Luke's Meridian Medical Centre. His dad was charged injury to a child and torture. He even tried to get rid of his child's remains.

 The Mirror confirmed the initial findings of the EMS caught the parent's red-handed. The stepmom is nothing short of evil.

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Reports according to the Mirror relate the barbarity that included maltreatment, gross neglect, and torture on the child. done by Monique was elaborated in court last September, last Thursday.

Emrik was treated inhumanly by his stepmom, who put him in a closet and locked it nightly. He experienced more torture by making him do jumping jacks and wall-sits. He was not even fed enough, just rice and water, while his chubby stepmom and dad ate more. This continued until the child stopped breathing and died due to his parents.

When Prosecutor Tamara Kelly elaborated on the child's suffering before death, she told the judge the findings. On the body were multiple bruises, especially on the buttocks, legs, his groin, and torso, which were hard blows. Also, huge bruises were covering his back, said one paper. Monique confessed that she hit the child with a frying pan, belt, and a dog leash, even kicking the groin, cited Idaho State Journal.

What happened before Emrik succumbed

 Court records say that the victim's dad only decided on doing something on September 1, 2020, calling the stepmom because he was not sure about the boy's condition. They did call the Meridian Police at 9:40 p.m., the EMS came and tried to review the victim, but to no avail because his young body expired from the bad things done to him, he passed in the hospital in such a pitiful state, confirmed by Mail Online.

The couple have three children who were taken by the state, Monique admitted to the accusations later. Both are charged for their crimes against an innocent child. 

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