Bread is one of the staple foods of many countries, and it is perfect for every meal. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, there is a type of bread that matches it.

The art of baking has changed, with more varieties, flavors, and fillings being added to the list. Because of this, more and more bakeries open in almost every street, promising its customers freshly baked pastries. With that being said, here are some of the best bakeries in America that are worth the visit.

Arcade Bakery in New York, New York

Arcade Bakery is located outside of an office building in Church Street, with a set-up of counter-service pastries and coffee. You can even watch bakers fiddling with the dough in the open kitchen and make your favorite bread.

The founder, Roger Gural, wanted Arcade Bakery to showcase a slew of French-influenced pastries, from sweet and savory croissants and caramel apple brioches to whiskey-pecan babka to crisp sourdough loaves, you can always rely on their warm and tasty bread.

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Babettes Artisan Breads in Denver, Colorado

Babettes is one of Denver's best bakeries. The proof is that it sells out almost all of its five to eight bread, such as daily country loaf, rye, and porridge bread, as well as 12-16 pastries such as apple croissants and molten-center chocolate cake every single day.

If you wish to try Babettes' pastries, it is best to show up at 8am, when the breads and sweets come hot out of the oven. Babettes' bread and pastries are caramelized, moist, and delicious; you will find yourself asking for more.

Baker Miller in Chicago, Illinois

What makes Baker Miller different from the other bakeries in the area is that it mills its grains carefully. They also offer sweet treats such as sourdough cinnamon rolls and s' mores pie, as well as other types of bread.

You won't feel bad about loading up on carbs because you know the grains are all-natural and treated with care. If you wish to go on a more healthy route, you can try their oatmeal bowls with seasonal toppings.

Bakery Lorraine in San Antonio, Texas

Bakery Lorraine currently has four branches across Texas, but nothing can beat the original branch, which is located in San Antonio. Quality is expected in this bakery, and owners Anne Ng and Jeremy Mandrell wanted to exceed the expectations of their customers.

Bakery Lorraine offers the best Parisian macarons in Texas, and they are also known for danishes, decadent kouign-amann, and gooey cinnamon rolls.

If you are looking for something to eat for lunch, you can get their famous egg salad with kewpie mayo and furikake on sourdough. They also have croissants stacked with baked eggs and bacon.

Bakery Nouveau in Seattle, Washington

Bakery Nouveau is the home of rich brownies, tasty macarons, and snickerdoodles. This magical place also offers freshly made gelatos with chocolate, and the bread for sandwiches are fresh and steaming.

This bakery is also the perfect place for breakfast, as they offer smoked salmon croissants with lasagna, buttery kugelhopf, and almond croissants. You can even watch them grind chocolate and work the dough as you eat.

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