Donuts has come a long way, from simple glazed and original sugary ones to chocolate filled and fruit-flavored ones, there is a donut flavor out there for you.

Through the years, donut shops have opened left and right, with each establishment offering a special flavor that only they can provide. With that being said, here are some of the best donut shops in the United States that is worth the visit:

A Baker's Wife in Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Baker's Wife is not just a donut shop, this establishment is adept at pastries of all sorts, and even their buttery croissants are a must-try. But despite having a lot of offers, their donuts are very much their calling card.

You can go for the simpler ones with a beautifully executed cake donut dusted in cinnamon sugar or glazed ones with sprinkles. You can enjoy their donuts from Tuesdays to Sundays; they are closed on Mondays.

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Allie's Donuts in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

For decades, Allie's Donuts has drawn in hungry customers with their crullers and glazed donuts. Their weekend line is long, and they are usually packed, but if you plan ahead and go there early, you can enjoy Allie's other offering, their custom donut cakes that are perfect for gatherings and parties.

Blackbird Doughnuts in Boston, Massachusetts

Blackbird Doughnuts is famous for its artisanal donuts, vanilla glazed donuts, and chocolate sprinkled donuts. They also offer bagel brioche donut that is stuffed with cream cheese that straddles the sweet-savory line beautifully.

You can also try their citrus-flavored donut, with the lemon-lime-orange-grapefruit glaze that cuts perfectly against the rich donut. If you want bite-sized ones, you can purchase mini donuts that are sold by the 50-batch.

California Donuts in Los Angeles, California

Are you looking for delicious and Instagram-worthy donuts? Check out California Donuts located in Koreatown, Los Angeles. They offer Panda donut with Oreo eyes and ears, a pink number covered in fresh strawberries and nuts, and blueberry cinnamon toast crunch.

Even the glazed donut in this shop is amazing, made better by the addition of matcha green tea glaze. There are even pink, sprinkled donuts for fans of the show "The Simpsons." Every single donut in this shop is beautiful; not only do they look good, but they also taste good.

Da Vinci's Donuts in Atlanta, Georgia

Da Vinci's offers customization of their donuts. Creations like the cannoli and the filling-loaded caramel apple are amazing and also beautiful to look at.

With numerous icings, drizzles and toppings make the establishment look like a candy store. Each donut is a work of art, as customers can let their imaginations run wild. In Da Vinci's Donuts, you can experiment as much as you want.

District Doughnut and Coffee in Washington, DC

This donut shop, District Doughnut and Coffee, offers warm, round donuts dipped in Nutella and is one of their best-sellers. Aside from being covered in Nutella, you can also get it with applewood-smoked bacon.

Their other flavors include brown butter and the delicious salted dulce de leche. They also offer fried dough that is best paired with their tasty coffee.

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