Everyone practically has a jar of coconut oil in their pantry and have probably tested at least one of its "miracle" uses. Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is touted as the trendiest and most versatile oil, with the most popular use in the skin. Now, it traverses as a makeup remover.

Wearing makeup is fun, but removing it is not as much particularly when you are very tired from a long day. Yet, makeup removal is important if you want to be good towards your skin.

In removing makeup, this superfood is better and gentler than wipes.

Used by Famous Personalities

After wearing heavy makeup, Hollywood stars spend a lot of time getting rid of them. These do not include Emma Stone and Khloe Kardashian since they discovered magic in coconut oil, reported Enstars.

Makeup Cleanser

Massage the liquified coconut oil into the skin to melt away your makeup easily.

Makeup Remover Wipes

One could create their custom-made makeup remover wipes with coconut oil.

In a microwave-safe container, simply melt one teaspoon of coconut oil per round cotton pad then lay the cotton pads in an even layer. Allow them to soak up the oil overnight, reported AB-TC News.

How to Use as a Makeup Remover

Scoop a pea-sized amount out your jar of coconut oil. Rub it between your fingers until it liquidizes with a light coating on your fingers. Lightly spread over your eyelids and eyelashes. Next, massage it into your skin in circles to thoroughly remove the makeup. A warm, wet cloth could be used to wipe off excess oil then finish it off by splashing your face with warm water.

The result: a cleansed, hydrated face that does not need costly cleansers or wipes courtesy of virgin coconut oil (VCO).

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How Good Is It for the Skin?

According to Carl Thornfeldt, M.D., founder of Epionce Skincare, "Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-yeast, and also works as a great first-aid cream. Because of its detergent effect, it works well as a makeup remover," reported Byrdie.

On Stubborn Makeup

Waterproof mascara and full coverage foundation are difficult to remove... except when coconut oil serves as a remover. The oil will help diffuse the stubborn covering on your face.

Other Ways of Usage

Take a tablespoon of VCO on a cotton facial round to dissolve the whole face from the foundation to eye makeup. Natural and affordable, it is gentle on the skin and eyes.

VCO also has the capacity to dissolve waterproof makeup. Dab coconut oil on a cotton ball or pad and brush it over your eyes to wipe away makeup. Finally, wash your face as you normally would. You may follow up with your facial wash, moisturizer, and toner.

Other people smooth the VCO on as a moisturizer and simply let it sink into their skin.

You could also lightly massage the virgin coconut oil (VCO) on your face and then brush away with beauty wipes or a wet washcloth.

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