The Slender man goaded the defendant to kill the victim by stabbing her in the forest. According to a representative lawyer, the case should be in juvenile court instead. When the crime was committed, the suspect was just 12-years-old at the time.

One of the arguments of the defendant's lawyer is to raise it to the Supreme Court that the crime was done when she was a minor.

It happened in Milwaukee Wisconsin in May 2014 involving three girls going to the woods. When they got there, Morgan Geyser stabbed their friend Payton Leutner, while Anissa Weier told the attacker to continue stabbing, reported Meaww.

When the stabbing attack stopped, they left the victim to bleed to death in the woods. The two girls were apprehended by police walking the interstate to the Nicolet National Forest.

According to the girls, an imaginary character called the Slender Man ordered them to kill their friend. Or if they didn't, the Slender man will do something bad to their families. This was the reason they told the police about the unprovoked attack on Leutner.

It was reported by the Associated Press that the lawyer told the Supreme Court last September 11 to negate the decision since the stabbing was done as a minor.

The convicted Geyser is already 18-years-old, and she pled guilty to homicide in the first degree in 2017. When Geyser stabbed the victim in 2014, she was not guilty because of insanity but was sent to a mental ward, reported CrimeOnline. 

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Last Wednesday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said that Wisconsin's 2nd District Court of Appeals did not agree with the appeal stating the venue for the trail was not an error. For the public information, it is the second time Geyser has been defeated after conviction.

Mathew Pinix, the attorney of the convicted attempted murderer stresses that he wants to overturn the verdict. One of his arguments is that the charge should have been attempted second-degree intentional homicide that would have been tried in juvenile court. He added that Morgan Geyser's attempt to kill the victim, who survived should be changed, from guilty to a lesser charge, in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Associated Press noted that the petition mentioned the extreme fear of Geyser saying that the Slender Man is real. She was convinced that he would indeed kill her loved ones if she did not follow what the fictional character told her to do. Another point that her lawyer raised was that she claims that Lautner attacked her, hence self-defense. Neither was the mental ward sentenced convict able to be sure of what she said. At that time, she was a minor and did not know any better.

The victim would have bled to death in the woods if she didn't have the strength to crawl while injured to be discovered by a rescuer. A cyclist passed by and noticed the dying girl who was saved in a timely manner. She was interviewed on ABC's David Muir in 2020 episode recently, saying it was hard to trust anyone after she nearly died.

Morgan Geyser, who stabbed the victim 19 times claims self-defense, but the courts have not decided yet on her petition.

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