A sibling's death was caused by an argument over a tablet as a teen boy killed his sister with a hammer while she she was asleep. She died from a broken skull caused by hammer blows.

According to reports, the incident happened in Taraz in Kazakhstan's northern side where the siblings had a disagreement that led to an unlikely death. The older brother, Aleksey, aged-15, admitted to slaying his sister with a hammer while sleeping. Sources inform that the exact date of the kin slaying is unknown, reported Meaww.

Reports say that the ten-year-old victim, Luda, was slain by Aleksey at their residence. When the paramedics were called, they were too late to save her. Her injuries included a broken skull that was the cause of her death.

Neighbors say that the siblings had a fight over a tablet in their backyard, that was witnessed by others. One of their close neighbors, Shynar Myrzakhmetova, said that both were arguing over a tablet, but she noticed that the older boy have a hammer on his hand, confirmed by The Daily Mail.

The suspect according to sources liked to play games, and Luda wanted to use the tablet for studying. Aleksey did not want to give it to his sister and argued with her. Later at night, the older brother killed his sibling with a hammer, striking her skull several times.

He tried to conceal the murder when he was done. The corpse was thrown close to a neighbor's fence. He later changed clothes and told his parents that his sister was missing.

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Local media in Taraz say that the parents acted on Aleksey's information about his sister's disappearance to start looking for her. Even though he knows that she was dead, the boy still helped them during the search. He pointed to where the girl's corpse was before authorities were called in.

When the corpse was found, the parents saw the crush cranium. When paramedics got the body, part of the dead girl's skull fell. This was mentioned by Kristina Gosteva, a neighbor nearby who witnessed the events when they found the girl's corpse.

The boy's admission to killing his sister over a tablet started a case against him by local police. One remark by authorities is that the accused will get 15-years imprisonment if found guilty. Evidence was found by the police that tied the accused to the murder.

In the possession of the police was the hammer used to crush the girl's skull. Another is the T-shirt worn with his shoes that got splattered with his sister's blood.  Ardak Madimarov of the Criminal Investigations Department said he killed the girl for a tablet, noted The Sun.

Another officer, Zhandos Mametkulov, the Head Deputy of a Local Police Department added to the records  that the girl died of massive injuries and could not be saved. After the confession, the boy is in custody with 15 years sentence, cited Leadership.

In another news, an 18-year old boy in Georgia strangled his sister because of a WIFI password. Kevon Watkins got a life sentence for his crime, he killed Alexus Breanna Watkins, 20, in Macon on February 2, 2018.

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