A ten-year-old girl from Corrientes was molested by her stepfather and got her pregnant. Instead of condoning the act, their local church hold an eccentric baby shower. It is a bizarre affair that was even posted on social media.

Images are seen on social media even wherein the little girl is wearing a dress with a sign that said baby on board. Behind the child where gifts intended for the baby's use.

She was impregnated by her step-father, who is thought to have sexually molested the child in an unknown number of times when the mother and daughter moved in. The rapist and molester is identified as Horacio Insaurralde, age 31, during early 2020. He molested the innocent girl in his home at Monte Caseros, Argentina, reported The Sun.

The relationship did not last long, and the mother left with her daughter after the break-up.

 After two months of leaving the suspect, the grandmother noticed the child's tummy growing. She was checked by the doctor to determine what was happening. In the examination, it was found out that the child was pregnant.

In Argentina, having an abortion is not allowed because of the Catholic church. Now, the family decided on using a law that exempts rape victims.

Sources relate that a family doctor aired opposition to having the fetus ended at 24-months. One of the reasons is the doctor was religious too. She was against abortion in the first place, the age of the pregnancy.

Elsewhere, the Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry Church of Monte Caseros sets up a baby shower for the girl at the family's request.

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A newspaper Página 12, interviewed the priest and was told the occasion follows COVID-19 guidelines to keep participants safe. Stressing further that only the closest relatives can attend the baby shower.

Pictures taken of the occasion shows the girl holding a teddy bear with a child's stroller. Pastor Mari of the Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry church of Monte Caseros told a paper about COVID precautions for everyone in the baby shower. The pastor added that it is important to accompany the girl and her family in this ordeal.

Two days later, the girl was brought to the Neonatal Eloisa Torrense de Vidal Hospital that was 300 or more miles away for a medical procedure.

The child was brought to the hospital because experts thought that at 10-years-old, the subject was too immature to bear the child. A C-section was done and the girl had a successful C-Section birth to a baby boy.

The child molester and rapist should face the law and pay penalties in full, referring to the accused boyfriend of the child's mother, Horacio Insaurralde, who has been jailed already. The pastor is a woman who expressed that rapes and molestation are terrible but expressed favor in non-abortion.

She said that she was neutral and it was the family's choice not hers. She added that keeping the family's decision without any influence is important, citing the impact on the young girl's mind and the kind of life she will have.

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