It is never too early to start thinking of unique gift ideas for your significant other for this coming Christmas season. September is here, and there are only a few months away before the Yuletide season begins.

There is nothing wrong with jumping into the holiday spirit a little early this year. After all, from the challenges that the world experienced with the coronavirus pandemic, everyone should be excited to celebrate Christmas with their significant other.

If you cannot think of better gifts other than sweaters, ties, or mittens, here are some unique gifts that your significant other will surely love and cherish.

Custom Photo Album

Collect, print, and compile all your cute, silly, and loving photos with your loved one as you make a customized photo album of all your adventures and experiences throughout the years.

Images are imprinted memories that you can look back at whenever you want and reminisce about the story behind every moment. Customized gifts will always leave a smile on your partner's face.

Customized Photo Album
(Photo : Unsplash / Albuu - Design de Albuns)

Star Map

A Star Map is a constellation map that will recreate the form of the stars from your special night for an event such as your anniversary, your partner's birthday, and the important events you cherish.

Share the memories of a particular day with someone you love. These constellation maps are printed on a plank of wood or a grade matte paper, and it can be customized by adding a unique line or quote that you want to tell your partner. It is one of the most unique and precious gifts you can give because it can last a lifetime.

Star Map
(Photo : Pixabay / Bru-nO)

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Keepsake Statue Kit

This kit lets you and your partner make your own hand statues. The Keepsake Statue Kit is available on several online stores. The kit usually includes molding powder, a bucket, a detailing pin, a casting stone, sandpaper, demolding sticks, and instruction manuals.

Don't worry; the directions are easy and simple to follow that you can make it from the comfort of your home. Your hand statue can mean that you always have each other's hands.

Keepsake Statue Kit
(Photo : Unsplash / Ray Bui)

Couple's Truth or Dare Game Card

It is a unique gift to give to your partner, as this card game can help your relationship be more heartfelt. You can share secrets, embarrassing moments, and experiences that will surely help you get to know your partner more and vice versa.

The rules are simple; you take turns drawing a card, and on each draw, you will decide whether you will take a dare or answer a question with complete honesty. During your turn, if you choose "truth," your partner will automatically take the dare for a fair game.

Couple's Truth or Dare Card Game
(Photo : Pexels / Magda Ehlers)

Memorable Experience

Whether it is a surprise dinner or planned getaway, it will be a memorable experience because you will share that moment with your significant other.

Take your partner to a simple vineyard trip, a date at a restaurant, or even just invite a professional photographer and have a couple's photoshoot. All of these will be momentous occasions as long as you are with your loved one.

Memorable Experience
(Photo : Unsplash / Everton Vila)

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