There is no denying that lately, reconnecting with friends outdoors is risky because of the health risks that the COVID-19 virus poses.

The quarantine is a critical time to develop an interpersonal relationship with yourself as it helps to reflect on the life you live and the people around you.

Celebrate life with the people who are always ready to lend you an ear and support you through difficult times.

Together with the people who have proven their worth as friends and reliable family members, here are the arts and crafts you can do with them indoors to lessen the threats of the coronavirus pandemic.

Postcard Letters

Postcard letters
(Photo : Unsplash / Allie)

Postcard letters are always a great way to reconnect with people and express how you truly feel towards them. Making a postcard letter with your friends can make it extra special. The remarkable thing in making a postcard is the thought and effort you pour in making the letter and the corresponding bond it strengthens.

Melted Crayon Arts

Melted Crayon Art
(Photo : Pexels / Sharon McCutcheon)

Spread your creativity and artistic personality with your squad as you make yourselves cool Melted Crayon Arts. Use your younger siblings' old crayons and create unique art projects with them.

The things needed to make this art are your canvas, old crayon, pencil sharpener, and hairdryer, or even iron will do. The designs can be related to your friends, and the finished result of these projects can be unique and special.

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Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets
(Photo : Unsplash / freestocks)

Friendship bracelets are handmade gifts you can customize and gift to your friends. Your friends would have tied these bracelets to your wrists in the olden times if they wished you something. Rather than just give it to them, make it more special by making it with them. There are numerous different knots for beginners that you can try.

Marbled Cup

Marbled Cups
(Photo : Pexels / Karolina Grabowska)

Make memorabilia with your friends; one thing you can do with them is the Marbled Cup. The design looks beautiful and unique, and this art project is as easy as the alphabet. Items to be prepared to make this project are: plain cup, nail polish - avoid those quick-dry polishes, toothpicks, and old containers. There are tutorial videos you can watch first before starting this project with your friends.

Tie-Dye Shirts

Tie-Dyed Shirts
(Photo : Pixabay / KarolOlson)

Tie-dye shirts are one of the famous and trending DIY projects going viral these days. Making them is a fun project to do, and it will be even more special with your friends' help. You can dye each other's shirts and do it with the different tie-dye techniques available. You can choose numerous methods found on the internet; all you have to do is prepare the materials needed and follow the tutorial videos' procedures.

Make this quarantine experience more positive, unique, and memorable with your friends by doing some or all the arts and crafts on this list. There is no doubt that it can be very depressing and boring during quarantine, but always find ways to cheer yourself and your friends up. You can find a way to reconnect with them and reflect on life and friendship and to be grateful for them.

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