A man who was not allowed entry into a home got mad and the homeowner drove a 3-foot samurai sword into the front door, stabbing the irate neighbor unwittingly when he did that.

David Harris tried to stop the attempted to break into his home. This incident happened in Somerset, Jonathan Roper wanted to get the mobile phone and money was part of their squabble on March 23rd of 2019, reported Daily Mail.

Harris had a samurai sword which he used to defend those inside the house from the Ropers outside the front step. The man was on the other end, who was being pierced with the long sword.

 Its sharp end easily penetrated the door and went in nearly ten inches in the victims' stomach cavity. The other man bled out lots of blood loss right on the front door. Also damaged are his internal organs and arteries resulting to massive internal bleeding from the sword attack, noted Knowledia.

One of the occupants inside the residence told the Bristol Crown Court, more details about the incident. Outside it was not only Roper who was around,he had other companions outside too. The only Roper hurt was Jonathan and another companion.

During the course of the investigation, the defendant said he did not mean to hurt anyone in particular intentionally, cited Express Informer. Identities of the group were members of the Roper family outside the Harris home. They were intent in confronting the Harris family members, David was not singled out particularly.

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One day before, two Roper teens went in the residence to buy cannabis from the Harris. That started the whole incident in the other household.

 Court records say that their mobile phone was taken from them and a questionable money bill. The two boys reported this to enraged other family members and texted the Harris family for answers, mentioned Express Digest.

 According to Anna Vigars, a witness alleged the suspect did not show the weapon to the one's outside. People outside were getting rowdy, but the suspect attacked using the sword in self-defense. But David's reaction might have been too much.

 At most, it would have been a fistfight at worst, though using the samurai sword killed one.

Court records clarify that the Roper teens went to the Harris residence, inside were Adrian, the father with his son Jamie and David at that time. The two teens tried to buy merchandise with fake money bill that led to the phone getting taken.

The younger Ropers then told Jonathan and Lesly what happened. Everyone at the pub decided to do something about by confronting the other family.

 Allegedly, the group got to the porch, banged on the door and wanted to get in. But the residents pushed back. One Mrs. Vigar's said that was when the 3-foot samurai sword was used by David.

Officially, the police identified Jonathan who died on Wookey Hole Road due to a deep stab wound. His relative Lesly was minimally injured.

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