A Hartford man decapitates his landlord with a Samurai long sword when their heated argument escalated. Law enforcement authorities found the victim's dismembered head in the apartment. The violent crime occurred at King's home at 784 Asylum Ave. according to News Thud.

The accused is Jerry David Thompson, 42, who is currently in police custody after he decided to use a samurai sword on his landlord's neck. The victim was identified as Victor King, 64, who rented out a room to the assailant according to Hartford Courant.

Sources claimed that the slasher was charged with murder for the grisly beheading of his landlord. The victim was also his roommate, a Travelers retiree and a well-known pro bridge card game player. 

Lt. Paul Cicero, one of the officers working on the murder case, said that the suspect used the Samurai to slash the victim's neck, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Jim Bank, cousin of the deceased, said that the victim died in a brutal and a gruesome manner. However, he refused to divulge any more details which may impede the on-going investigation.

Discovery of the brutal crime scene

Acquaintances of the victim got concerned about him so they called in the police to check on the elderly man. They found it odd that the victim hasn't been seen for the past 24 hours. At 3:40 p.m., police came by to visit King to assess if there was something wrong.

What they found was a grisly crime scene. On the kitchen floor, they found his bloodied corpse with a sheet flung over it. When the medical team arrived, they declared King dead on the scene. Cicero related these series of events on PressReader,

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King was employed at the insurance company Travelers, one of the biggest in its industry for 20 years or more. He just retired recently in 2018 from his IT job. After retiring, he decided to play bridge as a pro. Banks remarked that his cousin was considered a top bridge player nationwide.

He added that the deceased had great skills in playing bridge, and even gave tips to others. The deceased was characterized as a good-natured person who never harmed other people, that's why his sudden death came as a shock to the community.

"He was very good at it. Very good at teaching others to play it. Just a kind and gentle person whose first love was bridge."

Paul Linxwiler, an editor of Bridge Bulletin, said that King reached Grand Life Master which was the highest anyone can get in the Bridge League. King is among the top-tier players who are based in New England. He even won a coveted bridge crown in 2016.

He remarked that to become a Grand Life Master, an all-time high of 10,000 masterpoints must be obtained. But only the best players can attain this. Banks said his cousin was a good guy, and he cannot believe the grisly tragedy that ended his life.

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