Due to this pandemic, many businesses and establishments are temporarily closed. Many people choose to stay-at-home and follow orders to keep themselves and their families safe. Which only means that those who regularly come to the gym can't access the facilities at the moment.

A good home workout can help you feel better despite the challenges we are currently facing. Always keep in mind that home workout routines should always be done correctly. Together with the right exercises and format, training can kick-start metabolism and build lean muscles.

Worry no more because here are some workout routines you can do without having to leave your own home and without using gym equipment. These workout plans can help any active person maintain their lifestyle, and those who plan to start being active can do it with these simple exercises.


Never do a workout routine without doing some warming up exercises. These exercises are essential to your workout routines because they help the joints and tendons not feel too much stress.

Warm-up exercises help prepare your body for a more rigorous workout session. Some of these exercises are push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, and many more dynamic movements.


Ten to 35 minutes of workout can make the body feel great. You can start with the classic burpees; this workout exercise strengthens the whole body, burns tons of calories, and is useful in developing conditioning and endurance routines.

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Mountain Climber

After burpees, the next one will be the mountain climber exercise. Like your regular sit-ups and planks, you can always do this anytime and anywhere.

The advantage of the mountain climber exercise over push-ups or planks is that it works on critical muscles such as the triceps, glutes, and even the abdominals.

Bicycle crunches

Aside from burpees and mountain climber, bicycle crunches are also a workout that works with the primary muscles, like the rectus abdominus, hips, and obliques.

This workout makes the muscles visible because of the string core it builds and the abdominal muscles it helps develop.

Squat Jack

Squat Jack can be the last exercise for the day and is a great way to round up your routine. This exercise targets the lower-body. Squat Jacks improve cardiovascular endurance, hip mobility, and targets the hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

All of these exercises will be more effective with dedication, and if you set the goals that you want to achieve in order to maintain your figure or become a healthy person. This is because with this pandemic, being healthy is the key to keep yourself away from COVID-19.

After an intense workout, make sure to spend a few minutes of another set of stretching exercises to help the heart rate come back to normal. Stretch the major muscles for about 10-12 seconds. Do this immediately after the routines to prevent yourself from having a sprain or any injury.

Always keep in mind that with discipline and proper execution of the workout routines, the goal to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle will come in no time at all. If you can, it would be less tedious if you have a companion to work out with. This is a great way to keep you on track as they will serve as your motivator and vice versa. It can also build a stronger relationship with your buddy.

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