If you're looking to relax yourself at home after a stressful day, then yoga is probably one of the things on your to-do list. Finding the right workout, however, is easier said than done. There are many relaxing online yoga workouts that you can find and follow, but not all of them will help you wind down.

Yoga is a relatively simple yet effective form of exercise that both relaxes the body and reduces stress levels. We've listed the five most relaxing online yoga workouts you can do at home that can be found easily on the internet.

Morning Yoga Workout - Boho Beautiful

Usually, people have a hard time waking up and getting out of bed in the morning. This online yoga workout aims to gently raise your spirits in the early parts of the morning and begin preparing you for the rest of the day.

This online workout session raises your heartbeat and also builds up your body's condition from head to toe. It also only lasts for 17 minutes, meaning you wouldn't be taking up too much time in your day to get a headstart.

Core Strength Yoga - YogaTX

If you want to build up your inner strength, then YogaTX has the perfect workout for you. This 15-minute beginner-friendly session focuses on your belly and is especially beneficial for those who are experiencing lower back pain.

The yogi, Chance Cole, states that individuals must strengthen their front body to reduce the amount of stress placed on the back frame.

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Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga With Adriene

If you're entirely new to the yoga scene, it's best to start with a workout that is relatively easy and simple to do. Yoga With Adriene provides just that: an easy to set up and relaxing yoga workout session that allows newbies to take up the activity.

Yogi Adriene will help you master the basics down with her workout session that was specifically designed to assist newcomers to the yoga scene.

Yoga for Tension Relief - Yoga With Adriene

Feeling tired from an exhausting day? Adriene has got your back with this relaxing and stress-reducing yoga workout that aims to free your body of built-up tensions.

Adriene walks you through this 28-minute workout that requires minimal effort to calm your body down and release unwanted tensions. Most of the positions incorporated in this activity are either seated, breath-based, or meditative, so you can be assured you won't need to move around too much.

Total Body Yoga Workout - Fightmaster Yoga

If you don't know which part of your body you want to train or relax, then this workout session is a good alternative. The Total Body Yoga Workout consists of a soothing yet motivating theme. Yogi Lesley Fightmaster shows you how to perform this 30-minute routine that consists of standing and sitting poses.

Although challenging, it brings out your body's potential. Yogi Lesley will be giving you advice through the whole activity to ensure you do every part properly, so don't be afraid to put in that extra effort to strengthen your body.

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