If you've been trying to grow your own garden, then you've more than likely looked into improving your produce's freshness. One solution to this problem is hydroponics that helps you keep your plants healthy.

Hydroponics is based on the idea of flexibility and inventiveness, but the best thing about them is they are relatively simple to do on your own at home. There are plenty of DIY hydroponics guides you can look up online.

For the beginners out there, it may seem daunting, trying to look for a plan that you could understand and make yourself. We've listed some of the easiest and most effective DIY hydroponics you can do right at home.

Passive Bucket Kratky Method

If you're looking for simplicity and ease of manufacture, then the Kratky Method is a perfect starter DIY hydroponics. This simple hydroponics only requires you to use a bucket, growing medium, net pots, hydroponic nutrients, and some pH kits.

When you finish making this system, it will help you keep a passive look-out for your plants by supplying them with enough water they need daily. When created properly, it can run for weeks without the need for maintenance.

Vertical Window Farm

If you like decorating your garden, then hanging your plants both frees up space and provides a simple yet beautiful aesthetic that requires little maintenance. This DIY hydroponics uses less equipment and lets you recycle old soft drink bottles to help the environment.

Using a vertical window farm enables you to place your produce in an easy-to-access area and removes the hassle of having to clean up dirt. It is also a fantastic concept for an indoor garden since you won't be needing any soil.

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Simple Bucket Hydroponic System

Another good DIY hydroponics system for beginners is the bucket system. It only really requires a 5-gallon bucket, some growing media such as perlite-vermiculite, and some nutrient mix to add some supplements to your plants.

The good thing about this method is that it creates a capillary action where the nutrients are moved up to the plants' roots, making them healthier than they otherwise would have been.

Hydroponic Vertical Garden Pipe

Despite being a little out-of-reach of beginners, the vertical garden pipe method is a beneficial method of DIY hydroponics. The basis of this system originates from the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), which supplies nutrients to your plants.

Another great reason to build this system is that you can grow various kinds of vegetables, and it is convenient if you need large scale hydroponic farming. You can even customize the kinds of plants you place in it however you like.

Aquarium Hydroponics Raft

Another relatively simple yet effective DIY hydroponics is the aquarium raft method. It could also entice your children to get their hands into gardening at an early age. The primary item you would need is an aquarium fish tank.

The system can be planted with various types of plants, including small beans or lettuce. Depending on what you need, this hydroponics system could be either active or passive, whether you choose to use pumps and electricity to ease your maintenance further.

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