Writer Dan Brown's entangled codes, symbolism, and furtive meanings in his work have entranced avid readers across the globe, prodding him to sell over 200 million copies of his books. However, the blockbuster "The Da Vinci Code" author is alleged by his wife of 21 years to have tainted life secrets.

Real-Life Mystery Thriller

Dan is currently the lead character of his own real-life mystery with former wife Blythe. Both were divorced in 2019.

Blythe filed a lawsuit accusing him of living a famed life of lies for at least six years, tawdry extra-marital affairs, and of furtively plundering remarkable sums of their marital assets spent on four mistresses from different parts of the world.

Dan Brown's Retaliation

After Blythe filed a civil lawsuit accusing that the author engaged in extramarital affairs that set forth the plundering of their marital assets, Dan retaliated by countersuing his former wife for libel and slander, reported The Portsmouth Herald.

A recently unsealed filing from July 30 in Rockingham County Superior Court indicated that Dan stated that his former wife Blythe Brown's allegations are "premised on false factual claims and legal errors."

The bestselling author, who has dominated with his latching thrillers about secret societies and conspiracy theories, is now being upstaged by his wife, reported News24.

Divorce Between Dan Brown, Blythe Brown

The mystery thriller of a divorce consisted of a 2019 divorce agreement, particularly alleging the author of misreporting their wealth in a financial affidavit under oath and causing emotional distress.

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Vanity Fair summarized what they dub as juicy that the author that prompted Catholic controversy allegedly has an affair with her wife's horse trainer and siphoning off matrimonial assets to buy her a Friesian horse.

Dan is reportedly gobsmacked by his former wife's "false claims," affirming that he was fair-minded and truthful in a financial affidavit signed in their divorce proceedings in December 2019.

Blythe is suing Dan to whom she was married to for 21 years up until their divorce.

Dan Brown's Reported Trysts

The trysts the former wife alleged were with his trysts with his personal trainer, a woman on their Caribbean holiday home island, a hairdresser, and a Dutch horse trainer to whom he gifted a stallion.

In 2003, "The Da Vinci Code" novel was released and sold 80 million copies.

In an emotional bout to match his books' lines, he reportedly addressed Blythe, "I've done bad things with a lot of people," reported The Sun.

According to Blythe, the 56-year-old participated in appalling and unlawful conduct.

According to the lawsuit, Dan is "seeming to be the epitome of a world-famous novelist leading a simple life in his home state of New Hampshire, while in reality, he was something quite different," reported The Cut.

Blythe brought the aforementioned Dutch trainer named with the initials JP in the lawsuit from Holland to the United States back in 2013 to take care of a horse owned by the former couple.

The former wife indicated that Dan bought JP extravagant gifts using their joint finances. This included a $345,000 prize-winning Friesian named "LimiTed Edition," a horse-transport truck, a car, and revamp to her Holland house.

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