The advent of imposed lockdown measures has turned homes into offices. One challenge posed by our current scenario is the blurring of the lines between professional and personal life. Which gadgets will help one tackle the challenges posed by working from home (WFH)?

Some people are inclined towards working from home. One of the reasons is that remote workers acquire the freedom of working in accordance with their own set of preferences.

It has been quite long since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic that drove governments across the globe to keep their citizens secured at home. While most companies were unable to cope with this, most eventually got to grips with the practice of remote work and were able to sustain their productivity, reported Tech Fruit. The onslaught of the novel coronavirus has caused the term work to take on new meaning beyond the confines of an office. Work could be extended to our bed, couch, or the kitchen table, reported Yahoo Lifestyle.

If you are having quite a difficult time adjusting to your new work setting, a few gadgets may be necessary to spruce up your work area. It is easy to lose focus if you do not maintain the right work environment, reported Rolling Stone.

The challenge is setting up a home office with the right tools. In order to have a convenient and productive WFH setup, all you need is a chair, table, and a few vital pieces of technology. 

1. VPN Router 

Staying connected to the internet almost 24/7 is not safe at all. Sometimes unwanted guests want to pry into your private and personal data for their own intentions. 

Investing some money in a router would help you stay protected without divulging your information. Connect without the risk of being spied because this sleek and compact gadget will enable you to access data anonymously.

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2. A Flexible Laptop Stand

A laptop provides more flexibility than using a desktop computer and there is not much of a difference in terms of performance. Instead of placing your laptop on piled books, you are best served to place it on a high-quality laptop stand.

Check out on Amazon to decide which laptop stand will be the most suitable for your working style. If you use a standing desk, you will have different needs to satisfy.

3. The Latest Smartphone

Smartphones are now on a different level with upgraded features. Such features include triple-sensor cameras, improved privacy protection, ultra-HD display, and 5G mobile network among others.

You could download functional apps to aid your work including Zoom to participate in video conference meetings.

4. A Bluetooth Keyboard

Cable clutter could be a frequent distraction. We recommend a Bluetooth keyboard to avoid such hassle.

There will be no dongles to link to your computer or batteries to keep track of and it is rechargeable via MicroUSB.

Easy to install, a wireless keyboard is around one-third smaller than a traditional computer keyboard as it could pair up with all operating systems and devices.

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